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Wildfire near california's yosemite national park has taken the life of a firefighter who was driving a bulldozer california officials say his bodies in a dangerous location in steep terrain conditions too dangerous to allow crews to get close to or just yet dollar is worth a dollar right well not always correspondent jim krasula tells us about one dollar worth millions of virginia beach virginia coin dealer and his business partner have bought a rare us silver dollar from the nineteenth century for two point six million dollars the same coin sold for nearly four million dollars in two thousand thirteen only eight such coins call the eighteen o four draped bust dollar are known to exist though it has an eighteen o four stamped on it it was actually coined in eighteen thirty four when president andrew jackson asked the us meant to make coins he could give to editors and kings jim krasula cbs news our futures up seventy one i'm tom foty cbs news watch never stops on detroit's number one news station radio nine fifty good morning thank you.

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