Crowley says stunning loss to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'is on me'


Nbc news radio i'm ap herald will there soon be a finnish to russian meddling in us elections prepping in helsinki today president trump tomorrow summits with russian ruler vladimir putin the commander in chief tweets that even if he were given the city of moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by russia he would return to criticism that he did not get enough on cbs is face the nation former ambassador to nato victoria newland says trump must decisively deal with putin for the kremlin's interference in american representative democracy leaning to go forwards and make sure it never happens again including being extremely firm with president putin about real consequences for russia in places that matter to them she says not to bet on russia becoming a transparent republic anytime soon when i worry about more than going backwards to twenty sixteen as whether we are prepared for what they're gonna do in twenty eighteen twenty twenty also on face the nation democratic congressman joe crowley analyzes his stunning primary laws to twenty eight year old alexandria okay ceo cortes the woman i like that for november i think that's really good for us as a party i think the timing of the primary itself not being the normal september back into june should polarizing democratic leader nancy pelosi become house speaker if democrats regain the majority mansi we'll have a very strong case for holding onto the speakership if not the maybe other issues that come to the fourth that point but it's up to the next congress democratic caucus to decide that norfolk county assistant district attorney greg connor says massachusetts double murder suspect emmanuel lopes killed weymouth police officer michael chesney in horrific fashion nostra chesnut fell to the ground loops dan retrieve officers presence firearm discharge several times in his head and chips major league baseball the braves skin the snakes in dixie you're listening to the latest from nbc news the world cup on fox maybe happening halfway around the world but you're connected to it it's in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance of rinaldo what part of your dna originated in portugal or maybe your dna connects you to argentina where messy is a national hero fancy this summer root for your roots watch the fever world cup on fox and let fox broadcast sponsor twenty three and me help you find your connections.

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