MTV Video Music Awards: Cardi B & The Carters Lead Nominations


Was close. Friends with supermodels Kate moss and. Naomi Campbell as well as the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen I, don't know anything about them Yeah it is it sad I haven't. Watched, that show but this is definitely making headlines and Johnny Depp and his former business managers will not be kicking off a potential messy and revealing trial over depth long-held fraud claims next. Month because a settlement was reached over the weekend interest with deadline dot com. Reporting that will no one is talking. Both sides are happy with the deal now depth sued, his former managers in two thousand seventeen accusing them spending millions. Of dollars without his permission and depth sued them in two thousand seventeen for, twenty five million dollars in damages the management group countersued alleging that. Depp was. Responsible for his own financial straights I also can I just also point out the timing of this is so interesting it's like they thought that it would get altogether buried by happening kind of right into the. Weekend and they're just like Russia to the side brushes aside we still know What I'm saying is we still know that Johnny Depp is. A hot mess. Oh yeah that's yeah that's not getting rush to the side no. That's not but I think that Warner Brothers is happy because the, new j. k. Rowling movie is, coming out he's a part of that and they didn't. Want all this Exactly they probably paid for it Cardi b. leads the nominees for this year's MTV video music awards earning ten nominations in total and five of those nominations are. For her video with Bruno Mars the song finesse and that video will. Compete for video of the year the. Big prize along with childish Gambino this is America Drake's God plan beyond. Saying Jay Z's eight. Blink Camila. Cabello savannah an area Grendades. Video not yours left to cry the Vietnamese are live from. Radio City Music hall on August twentieth already time for the Yeah I know. And then you know what else is going to be time. For number and the over Wow Yeah.

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