Microsoft's $399 Surface Go aims to stand out from iPads or Chromebooks


They call just a dollar to unlock and then fifteen cents per minute for you to use them the people are ticked off the scooter users they don't wear helmets they don't obey state laws they ride on the sidewalks and the public outrage over these scooters just heating up these birds scooters are now appearing in seventeen us city so if they're not in your hometown yet they're coming sued lime as i mentioned is their competitor they raised three hundred and thirty five million dollars in funding i mean who would have ever thought that electric scooters could be yet another rideshare economy uber invested in line they have evaluation of one point one billion dollars it's the second scooter company that's right scooter company to become a unicorn you know what a unicorn is dance a startup that is now worth more than one billion dollars lime was going to call themselves corn but then an investor came up and said then it would be no oh no corn edit that one was a stretch here company called magic leap and they've been working in supersecret studios trying to come up with the next version of augmented reality glasses these are the glass that they hope that the average joe and jane might wear they're backed by google alibaba this past week they said okay come on have a look what we've built they show prerecorded clips of the gods and action and announce that i did partnership with at to exclusively sell all these wireless gadgets here in the united states the proud is called the magically one's gonna ship later this year and i'll tell you looking at the videos i guess i don't know i guess i expected more i'm not sure that moore is but i just wanted something more i mean after all they raised four hundred sixty one million dollars in the last funding round led by the kingdom of saudi arabia's sovereign investment arm the total funding for these glasses two point three billion dollars to date i mean for two point three billion dollars expected more than just a little animated character on the floor or mount everest with fun facts all around it could you imagine people walking around with these vr glasses just slapped on their faces i mean because people are not already distracted enough looking at their phones when they're walking down the street i mean just think of all the new laws we're going to have to pass to protect the idiots from selves when these things go mainstream and in other hardware news microsoft still has not thrown in the towel or given up on their whole tablet marketplace the hardware i'm talking about this past week they announced the three hundred ninety nine dollars surface go and they say it's their smallest their cheapest ten inch tablet ways just one point one five pounds quarter pound lighter than the surface three ted heavier than the one point three pound ipad it doesn't look that much different than the surface three the ten inch screen is almost smaller okay doesn't do a core forthright intel pentium processor microsoft says thirty percent faster than the surface three you can choose like four gigs sixty four gigs.

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