Selena Gomez Email Hacker Charged In L.A.


The agency blames the long lines on federally mandated security upgrades to driver licenses and id cards the dmv expects to spend almost seventy million dollars and hire more workers in the next two years to accommodate the millions of people who need upgrades by twenty twenty debra mark kfi news the khotan twelve young soccer players rescued from a cave in thailand have been making a strong recovery the thai public health minister says they're gaining weight they're physically active and they could be released as early as thursday an accused hacker has been charged in la the woman from new jersey is accused of hacking selena gomez email la county prosecutors say twenty one year old susan andrej faces nearly a decade in prison they claim she access the accounts of gomez and one of the singers associates several times in two thousand fifteen and sixteen and posted online private media from the accounts erin bender kfi news traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center.

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