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All of new wbz news time is twelve eighteen it's eighty one degrees and mostly cloudy in boston good afternoon i'm art cohen wbz news our top stories now a weymouth police officer is in critical condition after being shot several times early this morning the suspect who is in custody crashed his car then fled on foot and shot at police as he was being chased president trump is now on his way to finland for tomorrow scheduled summit with russian president vladimir putin the president and white house officials are downplaying the meeting saying not to expect any major results the trump administration is ramping up its efforts to reunite children were there undocumented parents this comes ahead of a court deadline which is less than two weeks away nearly three dozen airline passengers were hospitalized after their flight from ireland to croatia took a sudden plunge abc's janai norman speaks with some passengers about their harrowing experience ryanair flight f r seventythree twelve apparently losing cabin pressure rapidly descending more than twenty eight thousand feet in less than ten minutes roxanne brownlee describe what it was like my children crying case shining mommy am i gonna die where oxygen masks on and the plane has just plummeting the flight making an emergency landing in frankfurt germany thirtythree passengers had to be hospitalized many people retreated for burst eardrums but no serious injuries were reported ryanair said it would pay for hotels for affected customers but that there was a shortage of accommodations big changes are coming in physical training for army soldiers cbs's jim krasula has that the army is changing its physical fitness test after three decades it will phase out situps pushups in a daily two mile run a new combat fitness test will simulate soldiers lifting heavy objects similar to amion mission boxes or wounded.

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