Blue Origin reaches a big milestone, lands rocket booster and crew capsule


By Land Rover Jaguar of Bellevue Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk with us as we take some of the day's top stories tornadoes that swept across communities today outside of Des Moines Iowa have injured nearly two dozen people according to officials ten people injured by a tornado in Marshall town where a hospital was damaged and evacuated online civil rights organizations that has excuse me online civil rights organization that has supported boycotting the NFL. Points out that the Miami Dolphins policy puts protesting the national anthem on, the same plane as testing positive for drugs or domestic violence. Charges the dolphins announcing today that any players who protest during, the anthem could be, fined suspended or. Both by now you're probably familiar with private spaceflight companies like Elon Musk's SpaceX that's been resupplying the international space Station now is Christian Davenport writes in the Washington Post Jeff bass oh company blue origin is one step closer to human spaceflight Davenport spoke with komo's Taylor van Cise what did blue origins new shepherd rocket achieve yesterday well it had a successful test flight it's nine of the sub orbital booster and the capsule that eventually will take human beings into space what they were testing this time was the sort of if there was an emergency if something went wrong with the booster and you needed. To get the crews away safely How you, would do that and they've they've done that test before but on. This particular one they did it at a very high altitude when. The rocket was just past the, edge of space and within the vacuum and then had the capsule fire its own motor motor and. Send the crew shooting away from the booster getting. Them to safety and then? The? Comeback down and then it was successful and they were able to do that and that sort of a? Key, test for them because, they are looking to fly humans to space. Perhaps early as this year for their test flights, and paying, customers, they, want to start selling tickets by as early as. Next year but before they start doing. That they're really going to test the rocket and? The, escape systems and all the safety. Parameters really vigorously and this is a key test in that regard do we know yet what what. How taxing it would. Be for someone just the casual tourist in space to go, through this escape system well on this particular one I think it would be quite taxing It would go really. High really fast and and? Come, back down I think they said that the you would have a maximum of ten Jesus that you'd feel? The, force of gravity ten, times but first short amount of period And come back through now obviously that's a pretty, rough and exhilarating ride but it's better than, the alternative, if everything goes normally on the flight I think it would be you know much less than that that it'd be about four jeeze I short amount of time on reentry and that of course is, after your up you know in, in space in unbuckled from your seatbelt and floating around the cabin and. Experience weightless environment that you? Report that blue. Origin hasn't. Said how, much, a ticket is gonna cost to go to space but. In a year or so there's probably gonna be. Some real, competition to provide space experience for customers. Where does Richard Branson's Virgin galactic project stand that's right I mean virgin galactic has been working on this for a long time they've been. A lot more vocal and. Out there I mean Richard Branson is a genius at marketing they. Say they've got more than seven hundred people who have already signed up and have been waiting in many cases a, decade or, so that's how long they've been Working on the project their test. Program is also continuing they've done they did a. Flight a, month or two ago and powered flight. They're continuing to do that throughout the summer it's possible that they have a test flight that goes to a significant altitude had just space. Also this year as well They have announced what they charge they charge two hundred fifty thousand dollars..

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