California man pleads guilty to terrorism charges


Live from NPR news in Washington I'm, Janine Herbst Russian President Vladimir Putin says his meeting with President Trump on Monday was successful overall and lead to useful agreements but as NPR's Lucian Kim. Reports from, Moscow Putin didn't go into any. Detail on what agreements were reached during. The, summit, in Helsinki. Speaking, of Russian diplomats in the foreign ministry. In Moscow President Putin expressed satisfaction with the summit but. Urged caution going forward Putin said in his words that unnamed political forces in the US are trying to disavow the results of his meeting with Trump who met with. For two hours behind closed doors Putin said those forces are ready, to sacrifice Russian-American relations for their narrow partisan interests NPR's Lucian Kim reporting Meanwhile Russia, is offering US access to twelve Russians. Charged with tampering in the thousand sixteen US election if. Moscow gets, to interrogate a former US ambassador and other American officials as. NPR's Michele Keleman reports The White House acknowledges that President Trump and Putin discussed the idea. During their Helsinki, meeting Putin. Is trying to equate the US investigation into Russian interference to the Kremlin's efforts to punish Bill Browder. A businessman who, lobbies, for sanctions against Russia and Trump seems to be buying into that says former US ambassador Michael McFaul it makes us look weak it makes us look like we're buying into, Putin's conspiratorial fantasies and therefore political, reasons they're chasing Mr. Browder because he is a critic, of the Kremlin and they're chasing me because I'm a critic of the Kremlin a State Department spokesperson says the Russian allegations against McFaul Browder and others. Are absurd, though the White House says Trump. Is still quote working with his team. On, this, Michelle Kellerman. NPR, news the State Department Oregon's public defenders. Filed court documents asking a federal judge to release some. Of the more than one hundred immigration detainees being held at a federal prison near Salem as Oregon Broadcasting's Conrad. Wilson reports the court documents describe inadequate care and poor conditions thoughts of. Suicide hours of confinement and denial of medical care among the complaints outlined by US integration and customs enforcement detainees being held at the federal, Correctional Institution in Sheridan Oregon the immigration detainees arrived at the federal prison roughly seven weeks ago, most are seeking, asylum a declaration filed by the chief. Investigator with the Oregon federal public defender's office said several detainees he and his colleagues. Met with had untreated medical conditions that included quote heart problems a gunshot wound a broken leg rashes allergic reactions and severe sore throats this week and I- spokeswoman said four detainees have been transferred to another facility in Washington state for medical attention from PR news I'm Conrad Wilson less than half an hour to the, opening bell on. Wall Street Wall Street futures are trading lower Dow NASDAQ Edison p. five hundred futures contracts are all down about three tenths of a percent at last check you're listening to NPR. News from Washington from news in, San Francisco good morning I'm Brian watt Twenty-three-year-old Oakland man is pleading guilty to federal terrorism charges but his Alex Emslie reports the move is not part of a plea deal it's. Unique legal strategy to litigate the case at, sentencing Amir synon- oligarchy, was arrested in late twenty sixteen after either allegedly threatened online to bomb a gay club in San Francisco mix poison. With cocaine and distributed at nightclubs and start a wildfire in the East, Bay but, his supporters from, the many communities say, he's simply a naive kid and never planned, to carry out an attack what he said was all complete rubbish he didn't intend to do any of it attorney. Mary McNamara represents oligarchy she says his charges aren't related to his threats instead he's charged with opening a handful of, social media, accounts for alleged ISIS members in the Middle East oligarchy faces a wide range of prison sentences to. Forty seven years A lengthy. Sentencing hearing is. Scheduled for November I'm Alex Emslie k. q. e. news, San Francisco transit officials are. Extending the transfer window for bus and train tickets..

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