Ohio executes man convicted of 1985 murder, mutilation


Jefferson Eighty-one at your severe weather station News Radio six ten WTVN during the first cabinet meeting following his overseas. Trip President Trump touted his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying because the hand the US, has now better relations with Russia and we're doing very well probably as well, as anybody has, ever done with Russia, and there's been no president. Ever as tough as I have been on Russia present responding again today to criticism he was not. Tough enough on Vladimir Putin for meddling in the two thousand sixteen presidential election a Russian woman accused. Of being a spy for Moscow due, in, federal, court Washington DC today grand jury indebted Maria Tina yesterday on church Charges of acting as an agent of the Russian. Government Bettina was arrested over the weekend killer Cincinnati man who claimed homosexual panic, prompted the murder, has been executed by the state of Ohio Robert van hook was put to death this morning, at. Ohio Steph house, in lucasville for the one thousand. Nine hundred five murder of David self, being hooked murdered self after meeting him at a gay bar van hoax defense team said homosexual panic led, to the killing the prosecutors are good, van hook previously lured gay men to apartments to rob them it was a, house, first, execution since last September troopers with state highway patrol say they, sees more than forty thousand dollars worth of drugs during a Madison County traffic stop this week they say they pulled over, a vehicle without a state plates for speeding when they searched the vehicle they found. Three pounds of drug mushrooms more than one hundred LSD doses and more the driver was taken to jail and. Charged with drug possession federal lawmakers will soon consider whether to expand the military intelligence operation at, Wright Pat and Dayton the president of the Dayton Development Corporation says expanding nascent, right Pat would, be huge for, Dayton, Jeff Hoaglund says the National. Air and space intelligence center puts jobs and the attention of the Pentagon Ohio Bill was written will really determine no new buildings are constructed at right at, the base whether jobs will be moved from rang, Pat to. Washington how well the air force will be able. To help Ohio small businesses the Pentagon, is threatened to move Dayton's Nick operations to. Washington that is a move that is being resisted by federal law makers from Ohio at the state house Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN congressman Jim Jordan is offices. Confirmed he's been. Interviewed by the legal firm investigating allegations of sexual assault by a former. Ohio State athletics physician is, officers that interview regarding Dr Richard Strauss occurred on Monday Jordan has denied any knowledge of alleged activity by Dr Strauss against student athletes serving as. An assistant wrestling coach for the buckeyes from nineteen eighty six to nineteen Ninety-four, Europe's slaps a, huge fine on Google for breaching antitrust rules, define five billion for.

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