Twitter slams Danica Patrick's opening monologue at ESPY Awards


This is the? Mytalk now. Trending report interesting day. On the World Wide Web Google trends and entertainment people are, either loving or. Hating danika Patrick's open opening monologue for the Espy. Awards last night there were a lot of uncomfortable pauses and nervous laughter if you just joined us so we played some of. That audio earlier she took shots at. LeBron James Ben Simmons the. US soccer team just a few and this is the first time a woman has hosted. The SP's also trending director Todd Phillips standalone, joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix will hit theaters on October fourth two thousand nineteen people. Are anxious to see any artwork from that we're seeing the first look at posters, and the San Diego. Comic con that's also training it starts today there's burning questions like will we see the future of. DC movies and what they look like. Will we see footage from wonder woman nineteen Eighty-four and will..

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