There may be a second facility illegally housing migrant children in Phoenix


No to answering questions, during a White House. Photo op a reporter asked Trump if Russia is still targeting US elections he said. No and then stated that no president has been, tougher, on Russia then he has secretary of state Mike Pompeo insists the US is making headway in talks with North, Korea, at, a White House cabinet, meeting today. Pompeo said there's, a, lot, of work ahead on efforts to get the north to end. Its nuclear program now after. Recent talks, the north accused the US of having, a. Gangster. Like attitude on denuclearization closer to home? A man on the, US marshals, fifteen most wanted list it's been in Arizona since two thousand seven, the Hell's Angels gang Members accused of partially decapitating a woman. And stabbing, her, nearly thirty times over a decade ago, he was arrested, in America, county and. Released with a GPS device but shortly after he ripped it, off and then fled the country, he was picked up, by cops and Argentina, back in, twenty eleven and has finally exhausted all of his appeals he was returned to the US on Tuesday and now. Faces a, long. List of charges Jayson Campadonia five fifty KFYI news a man. Accused of threatening to kill the. TSA agent because she's a woman police arrested twenty nine year old Mohammed Hussein that's guy harbor our international airport. The Phoenix police report says he also threatened responding officers then grabbed a female officer by the neck he. Now, faces multiple charges, well there are reports that immigration and customs enforcement contractor and the was housing migrant children, at another unlicensed facility here in Phoenix democrat state Senator. Steve Farley who is running for governor says, he's spoken with witnesses Who've seen. Children in the building on east twentieth street and Indian school we don't have a four year exactly who these kids are where they're coming from we suspect that these are some of those kids that we've. Been hearing about have been taken from their parents who haven't yet. Been reunited despite the court order earlier this month MVM admitted housing, migrant kids in bacon office building on Thomas and twentieth.

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