Steve Keim of Arizona Cardinals suspended after pleading guilty to DUI


Sports. Studios in Los Angeles Fierce David Gascon cardinals general manager Steve time pleaded. Guilty to extreme DUI his, blood alcohol content according to Chandler police. Departments friends report was point one and nine it's more than double. The amount allowed. In Arizona extreme DUI case it's a class one. Misdemeanor conviction can result thirty days in jail colonels in return have suspended him for five weeks. And also fined him. Two hundred grand me wall Rams wide receiver Brennan. Cooks gets an extension by the club today five years eighty. One million dollars that's according to Albert breer he'll also get, fifty and a half million dollar an injury guarantees twenty and a half. Million dollar fully guaranteed coming his way labor I'm bells agent told the media today Sirius XM that, his client will not be at training. Camp but, we'll be available for week one Randy Gregory the, Dallas Cowboys was reinstated by, the lead today but on a conditional basis he's been suspended, without pay since two thousand seventeen this FOX thirteen weather update and boxer team meteorologist Elizabeth de Amore. Woolsey a few showers and storms to the ED time with..

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