Burt Reynolds, star of 'Boogie Nights' and 'Smokey and the Bandit,' dies at 82


It Burt Reynolds movie star who played it for grins dies at eighty two. And they talk about well right here. The ex-jock jock from Florida starred in deliverance and boogie nights. But preferred making such populist fun fair as smokey and the bandit the Campbell run and starting over. That's that's kind of what he always loved doing until much later in his career. And he was the biggest box office star in the world at one at one time. Yeah, this is well written. I read part of this again, this is Hollywood reporter Reynolds who received an Oscar nomination when he portrayed porn director Jack corner in. Boogie nights. Nineteen ninety seven was the number one box office attraction for a five year stretch starting in the late nineteen seventies for five straight years. Wow. Half a decade, and obviously before and after that still enormous, but I mean, number one for half a decade. He died this morning at Jupiter medical center in Florida. According to his manager. This is a little sad though, beloved by audiences for his brand of frivolous. Good old boy fair the playful Reynolds rarely was embraced by the critics the first time he saw himself in boogie nights. He was so unhappy he fired his agent he went on to win a Golden Globe. But lost out in the Oscar supporting actor race to Robin Williams for Robin Williams role in goodwill hunting, and they say it was a very bitter disappointment for Burt Reynolds. And then he had said this. This was later in a memoir called. But enough about me Burt Reynolds says I didn't open myself to new writers or risky parts. Because I wasn't interested in challenging myself as an actor. I was interested in having a good time. As a result. I missed a lot of opportunities to show I could play serious roles by the time. I finally woke up. Up and tried to get it. Right. Nobody would give me a chance. Yeah. So he wasn't entirely satisfied with his career. But it's just so funny because my God he was like the ultimate movie star required for quite a while. And he was married to Lani Anderson. How many times was he married? Didn't he marry Sally field or were they just an item? I can't even remember, man. I can't I don't know. And you said he was married to Lani. I believe you. I wouldn't have known if he was only dating her. Messier divorces in Hollywood. Did they I think they did? Yeah. I didn't remember any of it. But. And it's weird that he hated himself in boogie nights. I thought he was I thought it was good in boogie nights. I guess he did maybe just didn't like the rule. I dunno. I thought it was good. I thought he was kind of like a like a tragic figure in that movie. I remember a funny thing. Now, you know, these are like these old Hollywood stories. So who knows if this is true? But this this is what I once read that both. He and Clint Eastwood. Were under contract for so many movies. And this is like before they were huge. They were not movie stars yet. But they were under some small contract for so many movies from the same studio, and they both get called into the office by this big shot at the same time. And he was tearing up the contracts paid them off whatever it was a small thing. They weren't they weren't big movie stars yet. And the way that they were both let go the story had it that he pointed. I at Burt Reynolds and said, you you can't act and then points at Clint Eastwood and said, you your Adam's apple is too. Big. You're out and he gets rid of. And the story was that they walk down. All I want this to be true. They walked down the hall. They get into the elevator. They're both quiet for second. It's only them and Burt Reynolds says man, you're the one I feel sorry for and Clinton says why Bert says, well, I can always learn to act. You can't do a damn thing about that. Adam's apple. Typical always a jokester. I hope that's the true story. But freaking knows. All right. Well. This is like one of those deaths where wow, it was huge name. I guess it's not one that like totally crushes me or gets me really upset not saying anything bad about the guy. I bet my mom will feel really

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