Researchers transformed tissue cells into skin cells to heal wounds


In a world. First researchers have discovered a way to re grow the skin around a life changing wound technique that could avoid the need for skin grafts in the future. Scientists at least salt institute of biological studies in California used cell reprogramming to convert tissue cells into skin cells or mice on my excuse me. It was the culmination of a decades work. Dr Prodi ready is one of the authors of the study. So in the last few years, they knew of course, that's called programming. Basically, you can convert one suritai doing so in this case being new ladies. Says. So we says and can rotate them do. King says they're able to proliferate and migrate and cover the wounded idea and Jala would it take to re grow skin over say, if I had a nasty wound on my arm depends on how big the wounded and independence on how old you are. So you're you're young. And if it's not a big area, it's quite a busy to hear back. Again. There is still. That says cannot gate anymore. So we can make an example of patients so many other big bird the only option right now, we have in the clinic ace your skin crap from part of your body and pretty. As much bigger insights, you cannot do. So that's why you need an alternate to opportunities case weekend program that says that are quality data and happy to recover. So that is another next goal for as little as two in Burundi's method, rare in can be more applicable. Animas. So that's going to repeat. Could this potentially be used as a way of combating aging if if we can we grow damage skin? That's something people are going to want to now. Right. So interest is like Hobie regeneration came like how old and if you get like scratches on wounds how fast it can be. So that is one next Paul interest for us and at the same time, then we talk about aging there is another important expert that comes onto the table is especially the women. They would like how we can prevent the punishment of printers. Which is a major concern from the point of view. So I think this is like the proof of concept stating this study by pitches has a potential to open Indo mainly white at let's talk to produce ready from the sulk institute of biological studies in California.

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