Passengers held on plane in France over cholera fears


And another reason why I suspect that this is a gain of function exercises because one hundred and forty seven passengers on a flight from Algieria or held on a plane today landed in France. A plane landed in France who was a child on board. There was suffering from cholera at least. That's what was reported today child on board a plane a flight from Algiers one hundred forty seven passengers on board were exposed to a child who had cholera. The passengers were held on the plane at. The airport but the south of France for over an hour waiting for health. Authorities and paramedics to arrive and they were saying the child was likely to carry cholera evacuated to the hospital for examination firefighters escorted people to the hospital the play the traveled from Iran in ALgeria. Where a recent color epidemic has left three dead and over seventy people contaminated. The other passengers went under forty seven in total. And members of the flight crew were let off the plane shortly after three fifteen pm after being held on board for just over an hour. According to reports in the French press there were eventually allowed off the plane, they disinfected their hands, and they had to disinfect the aircraft. Of course, caller is transmitted through fecal matter. Infected fecal matter often by contaminated water or food people were exposed to cholera it can cause acute diarrhea vomiting, the hydration if it's left untreated it can kill

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