Trump on the move drumming up support for Republicans in midterm elections


Home what are the odds to new places in Atlantic City, they'll, lay, down, a sports. Bet now there's talk of New Jersey rivaling, Nevada. On that front and soon I'm David Madden and put on your dancing shoes A unique opportunity for lovers of salsa dancing in northern liberties an open doors not secluded in club I'm Andrew Kramer and sports the Phillies host. Miami game time, tonight seven zero five and in the American League, the Yankees, aren't Boston, tonight I'm CBS three. Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram this afternoon gradual clearing with a high temperature of eighty eight degrees then? Turning mostly clear tonight and quiet. With the low temperature around seventy two will break down the. Five day forecast when we check eyewitness weather on KYW NewsRadio Seventy eight degrees going up to eighty eight Under cloudy skies, with, some peaks of sign KYW news time twelve oh two. Time, for traffic and transit on the tubes well the cleanup continues on the blue route northbound four seventy, six just north of the Schuylkill expressway earlier overturned, tractor trailer is up and out of there but the cleanup is underway and as a result only the right shoulder still getting by at this hour jam solid bumper to bumper on the blue route northbound from Saint David Villanova up to that seen. Lots and lots of volume in that area so seeing heavier delay on the Schuylkill expressway as a result as well as starting to shrink just a little bit though you're slow, from Gladwin now up to the blue route but you're still going to see some heavy volume through that stretch eastbound Seventy-six looking a lot better heading into downtown from, city avenue down to the, vice street expressway some stop and go volume. But you should be in pretty decent shape as you make your way onto. The vine street expressway eastbound six seventy six you will see a little bit of a delay from the Schuylkill, out to about broad street at this hour nine I five looking a little sluggish in Delco southbound, traffic, from Stewart avenue down to the berry stop, and, go there if you are traveling on the boulevard we. Have, a multi vehicle crash on the Roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue it's affecting traffic in both directions of, the inner drive so be prepared for some delays, there are Mealey's furniture jam Cam showing us some, sun peeking out on a couple of the major roadways but things are a little bit crowded as you head into New Jersey forty two freeway a little slow in that's outbound direction from fifty five. Down to the Atlantic City expressway the fifty five and self is slow from the defer mall up to the forty two freeway and we are seeing some short volume as well, on the Garden State Parkway for about six miles heading into summers point in the northbound direction mass transit looks pretty good next update in less than ten minutes I'm, Stephanie Humphrey and that you, Mark financial twenty four hour traffic center hey. Why w news time twelve oh three President Trump is expected to make a. Number of appearances today drumming up support for Republican candidates in the November election President Trump's vacationing at his golf. Club In western, New Jersey with a few political. Side trips CBS's ouija Jiang says hasn't Trump is taking day trips to campaign for Republican candidates who are, racing in the midterm elections in fact he arrived in New.

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