Top North Korean and U.S. diplomats exchange pleasantries and barbs


And home I'm Charlie Sherman WBZ. News our top story the US department says. President Trump's replied to North Korean leader Kim Jong UN's latest letter has been handled over to the North's top diplomat the response was given to north Korean Foreign Minister re Yung ho at an Asian security forum taking place in Singapore where both re and secretary of state, Mike Pompeo briefly shook hands and exchange pleasantries Pompeo says. Washington has become aware of reports that Russia has been allowing for joint ventures with North Korean firms and granting new work permits for. North Korean. Guest workers actions, that if. True could be a. Violation of the u UN Security Council. Resolution Twenty-three dash seventy-five expect the Russians and all countries to abide by the UN Security Council resolutions. And enforce sanctions on North Korea Pompeo says a nuclear-free North. Korea remains a top priority for the, United States eighteen. People are dead after a, helicopter crash in. Siberia earlier this morning the Russian airline UT air says the, helicopter's blades collided with another aircraft that had taken off earlier this morning in. Vancouver that's above the Arctic circle about. Sixteen hundred miles northeast of Moscow there were fifteen passengers and three crew members aboard the second helicopter landed safely the. Helicopter that crashed was manufactured in twenty ten. And the, pilot had nearly six thousand hours of experience including twenty three hundred as a captain the wife of a former US marine is left the country after facing deportation orders from immigration officials Alejandra wire is returned to me Mexico after an. Emotional farewell at Orlando international airport immigration and customs enforcement had been monitoring her since. A traffic stop in two thousand thirteen democratic congressman Darren Soto was among those at the airport offering support her husband team served. In the marines in Iraq North Africa while she was at home on the. Home front raising two lovely young.

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