Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles, helps fund Mamie Johnson Little League team's trip


NBC News Radio I'm Tom Roberts the prosecution is using Paul manafort's tax preparer to build. Its case of Bank and, tax. Fraud today against President Trump's former campaign chair accountant Phillip, I live said he asked metaphor and his, top assistant Rick gates for documentation of a. One point five million dollar loan to a holdings company. He testified that they did not respond. To the request the trial is in, its fourth day, the government's July jobs report is out keeps adding. Jobs but the pace, slowed quite a. Bit last month the Labor Department reports, one hundred fifty seven thousand jobs were created in July that's, fewer than the one hundred ninety thousand analysts and. Forecasts and it's far short of. The two hundred forty eight thousand jobs created in June the unemployment, rate fell. A tenth of. A percent to three point nine percent that's Lisa Carter President Trump is again complaining about the Russia. Probe Trump spoke at a rally in Pennsylvania. Last night now we're being hindered by the Russian hoax Okay I'll tell you what Russia's very unhappy that Trump. Won that Trump said he had a great summit last month with Russian President Vladimir. Putin also yesterday Trump's national security team warned that Russia was continuing efforts to interfere in US politics police say they followed up on hundreds of, leads but don't have any new information today in the case of missing university of Iowa. Student Molly. Tibbets I would DPS investigative operations director Kevin. Winker the investigative response has not slowed down investigators from the pouch sheet county sheriff's. Office the DC I in the FBI continue to complete leads that have come in as well as valuating prioritize new leads being received every. Day Tippett's was last seen more than two weeks, ago residents of. Lynchburg Virginia are breathing easier after a major dam on the verge of collapse is now being called. Stable evacuation, orders, however remained in place whether officials confirm a tornado touchdown in queens last, night you're listening to the latest from NBC News. Radio Months before the November midterm elections Republican candidates are seeing a huge benefit from President Trump's, endorsement if you even. Have a whiff of being a never-trumper the negative effect. Has been dramatic like the double digit turnaround in the polls for Florida gubernatorial candidate. Rhonda Santa's after Trump endorsed him Trump's endorsement in Georgia is largely seen as the deciding factor in a forty point victory for the gubernatorial candidate, in a primary runoff however a Trump endorsement does not guarantee a win in the general. Election ROY. Moore in Alabama Ricksen Cohn at that house. Race in Pennsylvania both of those candidates lost but if you want on the Republican. Ticket and you're not on the Trump train you might just be down by double digits Mike Bauer NBC News Radio authorities tried to determine. Who is responsible for a crash involving a duck, boat in downtown. Boston police say an amphibious vehicle and a sedan collided yesterday afternoon near the old state house witnesses. Say the, duck, boat was turning slowly through the busy intersection and the sedan tried to, squeeze into the same lane but it got pinned Underneath, the driver of the passenger vehicle was taken to the hospital for. Evaluation little leaguers from Washington DC we'll make history this, weekend the Mamie Johnson little leaguers from southeast DC will be the first predominantly black team ever to represent the nation's capital at the. Little league mid Atlantic regionals coach Curtis banks we're so young team been around for about four years here but these may here they. Worked, so hard to get to this to this level of baseball when, the team took the, DC championship last month it was the first, time in more than thirty. Years that a team from north west Washington's wealthy neighborhoods did not win the title, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is paying homage..

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