Utility company sends racial slur password to woman


News This is twenty. Four seven, news. On KOMO news I'm Paul Jackson a number of local officials in groups were opposing the Trump, administration's decision to. Rollback Obama era fuel efficiency standards they require new cars and light trucks to average more than fifty miles. Per, gallon by, twenty twenty-five Kirkland MIR Amy Waylon. Who happens, to run a car dealership says automakers are meeting benchmarks in Americans are. Buying more fuel efficient cars today industry has proven that it can adapt and comply with. Standards that are put, out there and in some states more aggressive goals have been set. In those goals have been, met so if we don't strive we will accomplish Washington recently joined sixteen other states in a lawsuit against the EPA to. Protect the, current fuel efficiency standards She had a woman says a local utility emailed her a racial. Slur, is a, temporary password to access or personal. Account Erica, Conway says she was shocked and angry she's asking Puget Sound energy to. Take corrective action Conway's volunteer at the Seattle chapter of the AP which is also demanding. Answers a. s. spokeswoman, apologized and said the company is taking steps to. Make sure a. Temporary passwords or a random, mix of letters and numbers Conway cold it pretty sad that society still dealing with issues like this in two thousand eighteen Seafaring summer go hand in hand, and it's been going strong for sixty nine years thousands of people expected to soak up the sun on lake Washington this weekend. And komo's Tammy Mutasa says the United States coast guard will be ramping up patrols for one of the biggest marine events in the area there is one, of the most crowded times on lake Washington so officers will be looking out for speed and. Reckless voters will also be checking to make sure every boat has a life jacket and a fire extinguisher and remember you, can, drink on the boat but. You can't operate a boat while you're intoxicated or under the influence of drugs have a designated skipper who won't be drinking. We're here to ensure the safety of the. Public during the air show and with the amount. Of voters that we're going to.

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