Pro Football Hall of Fame 2018 inductions today


Ball called third strike in the as, making two straight over the Tigers in this. Series and eleven straight wins going back to last year Final, score in Oakland Oakland as we two home runs in the, third beat the Tigers Dan Dickerson with ninety seven, point one, the ticket they in canton Ohio, the pro football hall of fame. Welcomed eight new members tonight those inducted in the hall Terrell Owens Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher Randy moss Jerry Kramer Brian Dawkins Robert Brazil. And Bobby beat hard Owens did not. Attend the induction, opting to deliver a hall of fame. Speech at, his alma mater the university, of Tennessee at Chattanooga he noted he's. Not a perfect man he's. Made mistakes but he likes who he has become he says he's a man of courage courageous enough to choose Chattanooga over Kenton he received a standing ovation the lions doing some scrimmage play today at training camp in, Allen park with their first preseason game coming up next week in the hall of fame already showing some of the complications of the NFL's new helmet rule Matt Patricia, was, asked about how that controversial new rule might be officiated when they do take the field I can't predict you how anybody's. Going to do anything so I mean, I'm. Not gonna sit here and say that I know how they're going to call it we're just going, to try to coach it, the, way that the rules written and and you know make sure, that the players are safe that's the best thing, we can, do the team also announced they've, signed wide receiver Brian Brown and. Waved white out Dom Williams Michael Jordan speaking out in support of LeBron James after President Donald Trump insulted his intelligence in tweet Trump. Tweeted late Friday after apparently watching an. Interview James did, with CNN anchor Don lemon that lemon. Was quote, the dumbest man on television, but that he made LeBron Looksmart which. Is an easy to do. On quote James was being interviewed about a school recently opened in Akron Ohio for underprivileged children Trump also appeared to weigh in on the growing debate over who's the greatest NBA player of all time James or Michael Jordan by writing quote, I like Mike Jordan issued a statement to the AP through his spokesperson it. Said quote I support LeBron James he's doing an amazing job, for his community with sports at fifteen and forty five past each hour I'm Beth Fisher WW j. traffic and weather together coming. Up right now With a check, of the roads now here's, Tia Graham we're checking those AAA jam cams once again quite a few. Things piling up this Saturday evening channels AAA jam cams in Detroit eastbound I ninety four after I ninety six only the. Right lane is passing traffic due to. A crash in the area so once again watch out, for that slowdown I seventy five northbound at nine mile still crash on the right lane. And right, shoulder police are on the scene, and we are seeing heavy heavy backups all the way. Past seven mile, road I seventy five northbound at MAC avenue NB Troy is a crash effecting. Multiple lanes, use caution especially as you're leaving that those concerts l l c, as well as Ford Ford field excuse me we're seeing that. Crash at MAC and we're seeing backups. All the way to Jefferson avenue so once again be on the lookout. And use, caution, in the that area, in downtown Detroit right now we're still seeing heavy traffic is those concerts letting out once again Woodward. Avenue in both directions from campus Martius park to MLK you guys are Slow and. Go Cass avenue in both directions. Between grand, river and temple as well as grand river at is, I seventy five you guys. Are very slow and go in that downtown Detroit area so just use caution and have a little patience in the area. From the idle, down motor group twenty four, hour traffic center I'm Tia Graham WW j. NewsRadio nine fifty now the. AccuWeather forecast from the family heating cooling and electrical weather center very warm and muggy overnight under mainly clear skies loonier seventy. Than plenty of sunshine hot and humid. Sunday would I of ninety four the record high is, ninety five from eighteen eighty one clear and warm Sunday night low seventy two intervals of. Clouds and, sunshine a Monday remaining hot and, humid with a shower or thunderstorm in a few spots. From late morning, on high ninety two clouds some sunny breaks Tuesday not as hot but still. Humid with, a shower or thunderstorm around high eighty five mostly sunny and more, comfortable Wednesday high eighty two this is whether meteorologist Carl Ericson. W w j NewsRadio nine fifty currently, partly cloudy at Detroit metro airport seventy five degrees mostly clear at Detroit city airport seventy six degrees in bad axe, clear Seventy-three, how will it's clear, and seventy seven, we check traffic and weather together for you every ten minutes on, the eight your next update coming, up at eleven. Fifty eight w w j news time eleven fifty On NewsRadio. Nine fifty I'm. Beth Fisher good evening our top stories. At eleven fifty President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Ohio tonight in support of GOP congressional candidate Troy balder. Sohn during his speech Mr. Trump said it's hard to get one hundred percent support of GOP. Senators always have somebody. I don't like Trump I don't like our president He destroyed my career I, only, destroyed creek say said, bad things about me and you fight back and they. Go down the tubes Mr. Trump also brought Ohio congressman Jim Jordan to the stage who's been accused by several athletes of helping to cover up a sexual abuse scandal. At Ohio State University the man wanted in a fatal hit and run an MBA cities, have been found dead having. Taken his own life police there say officers made the discovery in a field behind a motel this morning a day after the crash that. Left a motorcyclist dead a new, u. n. report says North Korea has not stopped its nuclear and missile programs and, continues to violate, sanctions secretary of state, Mike Pompeo warned Russia China and other countries not to help North, Korea out. CBS news military analyst Mike Lyon agrees with to continue to. Monitor their offshore capability as we believe that some of the sanctions could be being violated out on the high seas with some of the nation's that Should be sanctioned, the, North Koreans the sanctions were, put in place to pressure Kim Jong Hoon to end. His nuclear program w w j news time is eleven fifty two CBS I on veterans presented by theraworx relief when we think benefits were vets we tend to look. At those offered.

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