Why Google’s Weirdly Specific New Rule for Android Phones Actually Makes Sense


All these years later Shah's is been on season seven, seven, and you guys have done my show together. That's because I'd like to parse you out. Like I feel like I'm on vacation when each through and I was wondering who said you on Bethany or Carol Bethany, Terrel girl. You better call. That's in the I'm coming for you. I'm sorry. No, it's more like Carol and everybody else. I'm sorry, Carol. I'm on her side. Radzi needs to call Bethany stat. And sorry. No, because the wrong what Ramona said she was right when she said, when Bethany is not in control, blah, blah. Ramona was right. Exactly. Let's go to Alexa from buffalo. Hey, Alexa. What's your question Alexa? What's your question. You know how many times I actually get that on the so sorry, it was such a lame, Joe, it's okay. People think that I'm actually named after the electric. I thought you all resin of. They have to save my mom, and I have like shots sunset, like little bonding. And we love you. So. So my question is for actually both of you, which is, do you think that Mona a Nema are two closer being siblings? Who will they were separated at a young age and then reunited and their relationship looks at times a little like. Angelina jolie. Yes. The brother with Angelina. Jolie's brother. Yeah, you're kidding. Not at all. And. Hinge Alina Monica Lewinsky. From coins, I'm going to. I'm putting my yearbook on EBay. Friends with Monica? I was not, but she did move into our building. She's a nice girl. She did start borough moslo day goes to a genius who used his airline luggage allowance to bring two trash bags full of ships on board. Okay. I have a feeling that he is a member of the mile vary. Hi. What I'm saying tonight Sacco goes to Google who plans to stop Android phones for planning to stop suggesting my face when users type sit on. You know, I don't have an Android phone, but if I did, this would be extremely upsetting because it would mean that all of my tax would take twice as long. I wanna make nj..

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