Rowing: Cincinnati teacher completes record trans-Atlantic row


News Radio seven hundred w ELL, Cincinnati A major. Accomplishments by a local. Teacher. With the nine o'clock report, I'm Jack crumley breaking now he's a teacher in Madisonville and he just set a, new, record for crossing the ocean Bryce Carlson biology teacher at the seven. Hills school road his, boat himself for more than two thousand miles across the North Atlantic he started at Newfoundland arriving at the isles of silly yesterday is dad pouring champagne on. Bryce Bryce took a swig then poured some on his boat Carlson arrived thirty eight days after he started the previous world record for, a west, to east solo crossing fifty three days I feel like I had. A lot of luck. Along. The way and a lot, of help a lot of help from friends family the community From some higher power I. Don't know a lot of health Matt Reese NewsRadio seven hundred wwl wwl's for his condition after that trek Carlson said he felt a, little wobbly Naba latest traffic and weather together no major interstate problems have been reported right now but if you get. Stuck in traffic call us at four, two one n e w s now.

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