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Federal judge orders the EPA to ban a. Pesticide that's, long been, identified as a health risk komo's Connie Thompson, talked with the Seattle team that took the EPA to court. Farmers have a never ending battle against all sorts of. Bugs that damage and destroyed their crops. In order to get the best harvest to market many, farmers turned to claw One of the most widely used pesticides in the world, is used on kale and broccoli and lots of other fruits and, vegetables but because of a link to brain and nerve damage children it was. Scheduled to be banned until the new EPA administrator. Reverse that ban last year so it's. Been banned for residential use since I think at least two thousand turning Marissa ordonio of Earthjustice in Seattle works with the team, that challenged, the EPA in the ninth circuit court of appeals she and her colleagues represent farmworkers and their children the, farm workers are exposed in all of the ways that you can be so they're it's in the air to toxic, drift it's in the foods consumer advocates argued that. The EPA refusal to ban the use of corporate, office on produce violates the federal pesticide safety standards the federal judge hearing the case agrees we're happy that UPS finally going to have to do its job and act to protect children and farm workers especially but all. Of us the decision for Farmers everywhere defined bug. Killing alternatives if corporate this is part of their pesticide protocol the EPA now has sixty days to comply with a court. Order and band that pesticide from all. Use in farming in the United

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