Some NFL players raise fists, kneel and stay off field during anthem


Well there's a headline NFL preseason, sees kneeling race. Vistory national anthem there. Goes, my theory yeah And might now I will say this maybe the NFL players association, did because the vast, majority, of, players I mean if, you look at the number of players or, their twelve games. Last night you're talking. About How. Many players seventy five to eighty right now on on, most of. The teams on the sidelines because they don't cut down to the was fifty three for another month so you've got roughly. Seventy five to. Eighty so you're talking. About a thousand roughly a thousand players nine hundred maybe, there, were out on on the field, last night and. You had to that we know Neil and one razor fist so, you had so I don't know maybe the NFL players association did pressure them and said look you've got a contract coming up but you did you did have Kenny stills and Albert. Wilson of, the Miami Dolphins they knelt during the star spangled banner at other game with, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Robert Quinn defensive end for the. Dolphins races fist. Philadelphia Eagles Malcolm Jenkins. Who plays safety and devante boss be a cornerback also, raise, her fists prior to a game, against the Pittsburgh. Steelers according to the Philadelphia Inquirer by the way we knew this, is going to happen we knew there would be publicized and it was immediately And here's my here's my favorite defensive end Michael Bennett remember he's the one he's the one. That was the catalyst for the second year of kneeling and he. Was a catalyst because he was screaming and whining and complaining that he was a victim and that the police profiled him in an unwarranted way in Las. Vegas until the Las Vegas police came out with the. Video to show the Michael Bennett, was simply a liar Says. Defense Michael Bennett walked out of the tunnel is anthem played, and spent the, anthem walking towards the bench the news. Outlet reported teammate Chris. Long reportedly placed his arm around Jenkin shoulder during the song to console. Them and you know basically say look it's okay to lie about police yeah all right I made that one so to be anti-american few you can feel comfortable now the NFL released a statement on the preseason protests so they didn't release a statement and their statement basically is No, this is still policy. We're just not going to enforce and no one's going. To be punished for the NFL has been engaged in constructing Oh my God they just they they just can't find a way out of this the NFL has been. Engaged in constructive discussions, with the NFL players association regarding the anthem and issues of equality and social Justice that are of concern to many Americans while those discussions continue the NFL has. Agreed to delay implementing or enforcing any club work rules that could result in players being disciplined for their conduct during the performance of the anthem the statement went on to say that the league's national anthem policy still remains unchanged and it will be continued to be played before each game and all players and team staff. On. The, field are expected to. Stand for the flag and the anthem and those who choose not to stand must remain in the locker room okay Except for the fact that they don't have to remain in the locker rooms there is no must because nothing is.

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