Teddy Bridgewater doesn't mind waiting a year to grow under Drew Brees



Bridgewater has a blank future with the saints. He has a clipboard. Future drew. Brees does not get hurt. Repeat that does not get hurt ju- grease has been with the New Orleans Saints since two thousand and six out of a possible. One hundred ninety two regular season games. He's played in one hundred ninety. So teddy Bridgewater is going to do this year and he's a pro quarterback he's going to do is going to carry clipboard is gonna put that thing in his ear. You know, he's going to walk around on the sidelines, Nick navy down the road, but drew Brees a hall of Famer. He's not leaving it. Well, I think he has a legitimate future with the saints. For this reason, you keep entering juries never got hurt, but he's thirty nine years. Old contract is for two more years of Benchley. It will in Virginia. Reason, as we know in football. Unfortunately, it only takes one hits Bridgewater, do I want to be on the jets with Sam darnold who is going to walk in and be the starting quarterback and the jets are hoping for you know, the next ten to fifteen years. I'd rather be new ones. I think he's a pretty good situation, especially for a guy that was a starter for two years, but in the immediate future. Clinton? Sally, he's never gonna. Got the

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