California to become first state to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial

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SP ten governor. Brown signed it. Eliminates the requirement it's really interesting you. Gotta read the detail in this you are not going to be required to pay bail to get. Out of jail after your arrested it's up to the judge to determine what kind of a, risk you are to the community and then the judge will, set it because up until now let's Be blunt there. Is no way of getting. Around this if you. Commit a crime. And you're wealthy us pay the bail. And off yo l bond industry makes money and if you're rich you just get to wander the. Streets and even if you get convicted your club fed anyway we have definitely a two-tier Justice, system on the criminal Justice system when it comes to that, topic So. If you were wealthy you just paid off you win if you're not wealthy you can't come up with the money you're stuck in jail you lose your job even if you're. Falsely accused that's where it becomes punishment before you've been convicted, of, anything you're a convicted but you're punishing can't maintain a? Job maybe, now you can't pay child support maybe can't pay you can't pay rent you're getting Vic did. Because you didn't have the. Money in the first place to pay bail. Because maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got, arrested maybe you are guilty that's. Up to the judge, to say hey what kind of a. Risk are you to our community you know if it, was really violent crime may be still leaves a ten million dollar bail the judge he or she So SP ten was? Signed this, was pushed by the state's judicial council in many others it's now actually opposed by a lot. Of people though A lot of people ACO you is against it saying SP ten cannot guarantee a substantial reduction in the. Number of Californians detained while. Awaiting trial nor does it sufficiently address racial bias in pre-trial. Decision making because it just leaves it up to

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