Internxt (INXT) X Cloud - Decentralized Cloud Storage Service


I want to explore the world of crypto and blockchain with a company called internet based. The company first appeared on my radar. After I discovered that they are disrupting industries through the use of revolutionary technology. They are creating a range of innovative products and services that strives to substitute those already currently massively adopted. So it was a pretty big brave move. For example, I service ex- cloud is a distributed, highly secure cloud storage service, which is hoping to compete with services such as dropbox, Google or I cloud. And most interesting of all is Fran as France cigar at founder and CEO east to twenty one years old. He's a young entrepreneur who before starting internet's worked to hosting international studies, own web hosting company. He's also part of the next web's t. five hundred which holler at the most talented young entrepreneurs in the digital saying. So book loop and hold on tight. As I beam your is all the way to Spain, so we can speak. We've Fran villa Bassa Gara, founder and CEO of internet. So massive, warm, welcome to the show friend. Can you tell the listeners a little about who you are and what you do? Sure. Yes. I'm Fran. I'm the founder and CEO Vince next next weeklies ovation company and we will talk about it in enough minutes. I guess. But yeah, I'm, I'm twenty one. I love interpenetrate love you technology. Now, when I was researching Yugo is you hooked me in with your Tagoloan technologies to enhance life into next is transforming the way people live through revolutionary technology. So you hope me straight away with that tackle on. But I mean, can you just set the scene and paint a picture for listeners and help them visualize exactly what kind of problems do you actually solve x. cloud is, yes. So internet, these any no company. And we strive to do many different things that took to revolutionize different in the different industries. So right now we're doing that in the car industry and office product is called x. explode and that's a decentralized more security perversion of I cloud on Google Drive. So right now we are disrupting the car in this really said about in the future. We strive to do the same thing in other industries, so kind of what I'm Joan apple are doing. So they're not also, for example, Amazonas only online shoulder, you know, you know innovating in many other industries as well. So. What always five to next. So I've got to ask as well, where does the next token into all this? How does that work. Yeah. So the token dean, thanks so can. So how it works is we've x. cloud, our first product people by by the service is doing tokens or in dollars and either biting tokens, these gets paid hosts. So people hosting the files are the ones getting painting tokens. I think they biting dollars what we always those dollars. We buy tokens. So virtually especially the same as if they were paying told lake integrion's directly. But we don't want to force people to pay tokens because he may be I, if you want to try must adoption, I think in a people may not use it because of that. So so, yeah. So basically either directly or indirectly people paying tokens and with those though because we pay hosts and that's how it took advice works. So when I first discovered you guys straightaway, I'm thinking of other disruptive services outlasts which is stores and say, get x. cloud better or different from those solutions, right? Yes. So these two companies, I think they have their targeting different kind of customers. So the target audience is completely different. So if you want to use store j or Siah there, you have to be either developer or feel comfortable with of developer environmentally user experience. I would say so, whereas we getting any kind of customers as we targeting the mass market. So we talk, we in corporations, we targeting startups tolerating. I don't know anyone, basically individuals who who not necessarily need to know how to develop for how to how to code. So yeah. So in terms of marketing, like the two companies are in basically in any marketing, we are focusing in marketing or our efforts are in in marketing an in building, a very beautiful user experience, which is superseded Poland, super beautiful, and I don't know an as good as that of our Google Drive. So yes. So basically we're competing with Google Drive right cloud, not really with stores your sale because of the target audience we have. So how we describe ourselves is basically. A more secure and cheaper version of accountable drive. Thanks. We centralization on encryption, so it really feels into next. He's going after a completely different market segments are always your intention. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So

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