Fortnite Streamer 'Ninja' Reveals Why He Doesn't Stream With Female Gamers


This gamer Nadje Who apparently the most popular guy on twitch, says he's not doing streams, with women because he. Doesn't want to wind up not only putting. Himself in a situation where there rumors but her. Too but the woman as well and. They say here it's more. Than anything. Else a stark reminder that when it. Comes to equality. Within the. Gaming industry and society at large we've still got plenty of work to do why Let me finish reading the article before you start asking questions they. Say don't blame ninja though blames systemic sexism within the industry change has to start they stay with us is, individuals so if you, want to see this sort of behaviour curbed were all going to have to work better on it together and you remember gamer gate from a couple of years ago right yes that's what they're talking. About here where you've got people that will harass. Female gamers over every little thing if the most popular gamer in the world on twitch was a woman and she refused to game with men I would support her but I would suspect if, men came on. And made spurious allegations are. Aspirants allegations were made, about them or whatever that. They would receive harassment online two from the males that follow those female gamers and there's lots, of males that follow female gamers I think that Yeah I'm not sure that I agree with. That Claim that some. Men harass women simply because they are women some men do some women dislike men simply, because they're men and they do things too and that there's an equal. Amount of that and that doesn't indicate sex what I heard, in this article doesn't indicate sexism to me it indicates there is a the top gamer in the world for whatever reason as a man. And that he doesn't doesn't the top gamer the world does not participate with the other sex in order to protect them and themselves from harassment that I. Agree with the idea that that indicates sexism. I did not hear in. Indication

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