Bethenny Frankel Pays Tribute to Dennis Shields After His Funeral


Sorry Bethany Frankel today at funeral of her on and. Off, again boyfriend is so. Sad it is really a sad thing is name is Dennis. Shields he's a businessman and he was laid to rest today in Long Island in New? York Bethany and him. Dated on and off she met, him through her, high school friend who had been married to. Him for twenty six years they met way back in the day but. She, had said that this friend of hers they didn't keep. In, touch and then when. His marriage ended they started dating but they were very on. Again off again, Dennis Shiels was found dead on Friday in his room at Trump Tower Cause of death hasn't been officially, determined but TMZ was reporting. That he apparently overdosed on prescription, pills he asked, his assistant to get him some Narcan and. Then she went to the drugstore got it administered in and he died So sad yeah I know. It's really sad they had a. Very interesting relationship I can imagine that that would be. A. Difficult goodbye

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