Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' is daring and essential



Welcome, to, the frame I'm John horn thanks for joining us we'll start today with one of the most, anticipated movie openings. Of the summer spike Lee's black clansmen tells the unbelievable truth story of how. Black police officer in Colorado infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan, in the early nineteen seventies here's a clip, from the. Film's trailer David Duke grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. That David God last, time I checked Well thank you I hate blacks I, hate Jews Mexicans an Irish, Italians and Chinese but my mouth. To God's ears I really hate. Those black rats Ron stallworth was an undercover cop in Colorado Springs when he established contact with a k. k., k. by telephone what happened from there is a remarkable investigation in which he partnered with a white cop to double a. stallworth for in person meetings. With the clan I recently spoke with stallworth and the actor who plays him, in the, movie, John David Washington and we began with Ron's writing his memoir black klansman which is the basis. For the. Film March twenty thirteen started writing took me nine months before, I, finally said okay that's. Enough, on London And then I took it to. A friend of mine who was. A retired police officer and he had a publishing company that published books for police and firemen he read it, published it and we were off and running John David the book tells us a lot about the actual events around this investigation it doesn't say a. Lot about who Ron was how he behaved how we thought of himself when, you are, looking, at reference material and trying to get into this character what was your process like for making. Sure that. You were representing as an actor the person that you were, going, to be playing yes Proper representation I think starts with the climate and the time, that is take this story is taking place and so even before had direct contact and access to Rostow. Worth I wanted to understand what what it meant to be a black man in, the late sixties and seventies so my entry point? Way A music I cut out Rb. And hip hop for for a couple of months and I would go to sleep assault train YouTube.

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