Dominion does not expect U.S. court order to hold up Atlantic Coast pipe



Two Brigades will be back on the witness. Stand today he is the prosecution's star witness against. His former boss Paul Manafort. On for Bank fraud and tax evasion gates telling the jury he committed crimes for years and manafort's direction. ABC's Cecilia Vega with more yesterday on the stand he, made this stunning admission he says he embezzled. Millions hundreds of millions of dollars for Manafort while they worked together, as political operatives that is what the defense will be. Focusing on Wednesday get gates on the Stanford across the nation they will be. Trying to discredit him raise doubts about his credibility and that cross examination is expected to happen later today the principle of. Carver elementary co wanna along with five other, school staff resigning, they had of Richmond schools last week calling for their firing for their involvement in an SOL cheating scandal at. The school following last night school board meeting Jason cameras call their actions betrayal of trust and Richmond. Schools have, a lot of jobs to Fill before the school year starts in less than a month the. Board chief of staff tells members ninety seven vacancies total. Of those eighty five our teacher agencies federal court in Richmond polling to, permits for the Atlantic coast pine pipeline ABC's. Chuck Sivertsen environmental groups say the ruling should halt. Construction on the six hundred. Mile natural gas pipeline a three judge federal appeals court panel in Virginia says efficient Wildlife Service permit had. No specific limits for impact on five threatened or endangered, species and a National Park Service permit allowed. The pipeline to pass underneath the Blue Ridge Parkway without explaining how, that's possible with a national park system scenic Parkway dominion. Energy the project's lead developers says it'll work to resolve the issues and predicts. Only a short delay these call Mendocino complex fire which is a pair of fires in northern California now the biggest wildfire. In the state's history having burned more than, two hundred eighty, three thousand acres the fire is threatening thousands of homes ABC's Alec Stone with more the fires just keep exploding here a new fire growing an Orange County. South of LA flames racing hundreds of feet in the. Air on Monday it grew, incredibly quickly despite the sold on the flames by air attack there are some mandatory evacuation orders in place and with, a heatwave continuing here their concerns a flames will spread again today voters go. To the polls in five states they one of the most closely watched races in Ohio pitting Republican tribe Alderson against democrat Danny O'Connor the contest a dead heat the fact that this is even a competitive race is a major sign of trouble for Republicans Donald Trump carried this district by, double digits, it, is. Also a district Republicans have held for decades the last Republican congressman in the last race won. By more than thirty five, points a win here for Democrats would be a. Sure, sign of a Blue Wave coming in November Rudy Giuliani reportedly preparing a letter to Robert Muller. Expressing real reluctance over a request to interview president Trump Giuliani trying to quash a face to face that would include. Questions of possible obstruction. Of Justice and Richmond native Jason Mraz, is taking about twenty Richmond area students to the today show as he. Promotes his new album on Friday checking your money the Dow up one. Hundred fifty four the NASDAQ up twenty six and the s&p is up nine, your next news at ten thirty. The.

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