Pentagon restricts use of geolocation software for troops


Right hand man and. After cutting a plea deal earlier this year with a special counsel team on his own charges gates is expected to testify Manafort was deep into an alleged scheme to hide millions. From, the IRS and defraud banks manafort's lawyers have signaled they will put. The blame on gates and portray him, as an embezzler and a liar who took advantage of Manafort and flouted the law without his boss knowing saga megani Washington meanwhile the judges pressuring the prosecution. To hurry up US district judge TSL's the third says prosecutors for special counsel Robert. Muller's officer, wasting time really into the details of Manafort Ukrainian work in the backgrounds of those who paid him The Pentagon has, restricted the use of, those fitness trackers in a move, aimed at increasing security the Pentagon has banned the use of fitness trackers by military. Troops and other defense, personnel at sensitive basis or certain high level. Warzone areas the. Move follows reports that outside groups could use the devices to track routines locations personal information even the numbers of troops it'll be up to military. Leaders to determine whether troops under their command can use the devices Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes reporting the cargo Tribune. Has left its longtime. Home moving up the street but the newspapers iconic sign will remain when the landmark building is turned into condos the papers parent company in the real estate firm developing the Tribune. Tower, of settled a lawsuit the eight foot tall letters that spell Chicago. Tribune will be temporarily removed this year, but put back in early twenty twenty when the renovation is completed so that staple will stay this is townhall news By now. You've heard about the popularity of products containing cannabis.

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