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Welcome to the tank bloke writer podcast, your guy to future Tech Trends and innovation in a language you understand now over to your host, Neal, Hughes, welcome back to the tech blog rider podcast. How y'all doing gang for those of you that are first listeners I'm off to Mexico for digital detox, drink cocktails by the beat to recharge my Mojo and honestly, snus to send in their cocktail suggestions, received an Email from Ken holiday aide. Chicago. His name is spelled h. o. l. l. ADA was. So I'm hoping not be imprint, but he advise our Choy a Long Island is tea. All the white spirits really can. You see God knows how to have a good time. So I salute you my friend and remember keep those cocktail suggestions coming in by tweeting me at Neo, see Hughes and emailing me tech blog writer at outlook dot com. And I'll raise my glass to you want them away on with today's podcast. Now, I recently discovered a company called hold which is designed driven blockchain based company is integrating investments across cryptocurrencies and fear currencies for a seamless investing experience. And this is where things get interesting because the company was started by a former senior you ex on and from Wells Fargo and an I veteran from the US department of defense, the platform is focused on simplifying the way to everyday consumers can invest and spend their money, whether it's in bitcoin theorem or fair, and essentially reinvent the way people think CEO, Jason Davis and CTO. Dan Lipper are seeking to introduce a technology that the world can adapt to buy. I and Ebeling individuals to adopt to it. They have to. Out to develop a platform and a supporting mobile application to simplify the complexities of crypto Kunsi and Ted anos barriers of entry so that even your grandma can use it now is more kind of language. So book alot and hold on tight as Rb meal is all the way the North Carolina so we can speak with hold CEO, Jason Davis. So massive. All welcome to the show. Key tells them listeners a little about who you are and what you do and not yet glad she. So I'm Jason David, and I'm currently the CEO and co, founder of hord working with an impressive team building out some really cool products for the walk chain of cryptocurrency space. My background has been, I'd say, most recently in the last twelve years has been you ex design Trump programming, but mainly design and developing thing. I, I went from one started political hub in the ship into the Wells Fargo role and worked for them for a few years and got much you'll for finance and then left them. And now I'm getting my toes Welden walked in and cryptocurrencies. Now hold is zoned driven blockchain based company that is integrating investments across cryptocurrencies and Fiat Kuntz's, seamless investing experience. But you just help set the scene il-il and helpless. I understand exactly what it is that you guys do. What problems that you're solving, what makes you guys unique from all the other solutions out there in the blockchain and crypto space? Neil to that front on the investing signed. You know, traditional markets are a lot easier to get into than cryptocurrency markets the the interfaces or the applications that are out there today are very, very simple. You don't have to really know anything about church order books. Looking at trading boards, you can go in and do it yourself. It's almost DUI investing. He's days that's still a little daunting, but it's much easier for us a consumer to come in and just click a button and make an investment in watch it, grow cryptocurrencies. They don't. They don't operate that way. I don't. There's not many if any platforms that are completely automated. I know coin philosophy just set up recurring investments into three or four or four or five coins right now, and they may open that up to more on the future, but not want to other people are doing this, but here's what makes us unique. I think in the realm of investing. Not only traditional, which we soon hope take that layer tech and put it in traditional markets, but and and the cryptocurrency markets when you have to. We have to when you're faced with trading boards and order books and candlesticks and charting. You don't really know what you're doing, especially if you're new to the space or your new to that world. And that's really a traders world. It's not an investor's world, but that's what you're faced with when you go beyond the outskirts beyond the the big corp-. Like I'll think when base again beyond the copes, like coin base or coin spot in Australia, you're just you're you. You can only Vasan those asked that, and we want to expand the breadth of assets. You can invest in a couple of ways. One is a, you know, simply buying a coin individually or coin basket, which are collection of coin, and a basket is is traditional vetting term. So we're gonna be combining coin baskets with something called rule-based,

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