Zack Martin of Dallas Cowboys out with knee injury


And Gabor Pro Bowl right guard Zack Martin suffered a knee injury in the second quarter didn't return Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett Date, on Martin And we'll get an MRI. Tomorrow on it I think the initial evaluation, was was positive but we'll certainly get. That reconfirm tomorrow Did, he hit the helmet hit his name Get one. Low on him is what. I was told I didn't, see the play Randy Gregory been out. There for the first time Your impressions of, what is hard to tell exactly how we play but it looked like he played with a good spirit. Was active look like it. Was around the quarterback a, few times get, off he looked quick. And explosive and, you know you look like himself he's a really. Really natural pass rusher with a lot of, skill so he plays ten snaps in the game. Which is the number that we wanted for him and hopefully. This'll be. A. Stepping stone for for more action the future Those four practices. How much did he lobbied to play tonight at the goal. All along Wasn't saw practice we heard him being able. To play in this game I mean certainly he's been, wanting to play the whole time so we wanted to be deliberate with him and. He, he went through all the steps that we want him to. Go through any practice well so we thought. This was the right number snaps forum, tonight it looks like handled it well out concerned you are about Zack Again the doctors were. Somewhat optimistic based on the initial evaluation but. We'll see more tomorrow Sort, safety woods now having a hamstring showers until, knee injury it as the issue yeah we we have a numbers issue there right now so we're allowed to evaluate who's going to be available for us, and we have to if we have to get somebody else look good again in this I look very. Comfortable and confident, made some plays in the pocket made some plays out of the. Pocket and you know I just think he he's really running the show the right way he's. Got great command of what we wanna do and consistently allow us to move the football it was good to, see him cash in on the one drive the scrambled player to the left to Terrence. Really good job Taryn staying alive and. Great, poise by at the end of the. Down, so a really good outing back Zack Martin he just, signed a six year extension ABC's with Dallas that included forty million guaranteed ESPN's Todd. Archer reports that Morton as a hyperextended

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