ICE detains man driving wife to hospital to deliver baby, says he is wanted for murder in Mexico


In a legal alien wanted for murder in Mexico is arrested by ice agents after stopping for gas and the way to the hospital with his pregnant wife. Jole Arana. Lara, was taken, into custody when he couldn't show any. Legal documentation his wife was then forced to continue to the hospital where she. Gave birth to their son, ABC's Linda Lopez has more del, Carmen Venegas seen on surveillance video sobbing in this gas. Station Russell how is the family's lawyer terrified because she's. On the way to give Richard child okay and so her husband was to. Accompany her she and her husband were in southern, California on their way to the. Hospital for a c. section they knew she was pregnant they could have said well come back to the office later. On you have this discussion with you about your status they could this could have been handled differently Arana Laura's family and attorneys say. They have the wrong

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