Putin invites Trump to Moscow


In just a couple of minutes, traffic and transit on the twos Well, another week of substantial news regarding Russia and special counsel Robert Muller's investigation, was topped, off, with Vladimir Putin saying he invited the, president to visit him in Moscow the White House is waiting for the invitation a formal one at least from bladder MIR Putin before President Trump, commits to visiting Russia, Rhode Island Democrat David cellini a member of the house foreign relations committee wonders if there will ever be a. Proper time for Mr. Trump the American president visiting Moscow after that country attacked our democracy sends the wrong message particularly. Says the president has not been a strong spokesman for advocating strong action, against the Russians for their. Aggression we know a reciprocal visit as in Putin to the, White House, has been put on hold according to the administration so long as the Muller, investigation goes, on Bob, Costantini Washington last week. Facebook's all billions of dollars wiped off the books in there could be more trouble ahead British Parliamentary committee. Found social media firms operate like it's the wild west, and warns Britain faces a democratic crisis over a. Misuse of personal data with voters targeted with, poisonous views it, says firms like Facebook and Twitter should be liable for harmful and misleading, material and, calls, for tougher regulation also a class action, suits being filed in London against Facebook on behalf of users whose data was taken without their consent before the Brexit vote Larry Miller CBS news, London the National Transportation, Safety board has reviewed the video from the onboard with quarters of that duck boat that sank more than a. Week ago on them the zuri late claiming the lives of seventeen people including nine members of an Indiana family funeral. Services were held for that family and now CBS news, transportation correspondent Kris, van cleave tells us the. Review of that video may raise questions about why that trip. Every It took place about forty minutes before the storm hit the. Crew, was advised to do the water portion of the tour I in as passengers were loading the captain is heard making reference to having checked. The, weather radar prior to. The trip now before the boat entered the water passengers were briefed on emergency exits and the location of life vests when the boat actually got into. The water conditions on the cameras were calm and, the captain allowed four different children to sit in the driver's seat even as the wind picked up, and, Whitecaps on, the water rapidly appeared on those video recordings reviewed by the TSP Kris van cleave CBS news Despite what it says on the internet there is no free beer the false offer asks users to. Fill out a survey to win free beer when you complete it it says congratulations you've. Won a free twenty four pack of beer from Molson scam then asks users to share the link on. Facebook and type thanks for my beer and the comments section a spokesperson for Molson says they're not giving away free beer and it's a fake offer. A variety of similar false offers have been circulating on the web including free delta airline tickets and coupons to Dollar General, I'm, Kerry she maker KYW, news time is one twenty two here's your traffic and. Transit on the twos We. Still have that accident in Montgomery township. Is county line road at lower state road we'll keep you posted on that one we're still seeing major. Delays on the Schuylkill expressway westbound that's construction. Between the blue route and Gulf mills we backed up, all the way to Gladwin we're starting to see it opened up just a bit but we're still seeing the right lanes. Shut down and that will be overnight. Ongoing construction also on, the Schuylkill expressway westbound this is at the thirtieth street exit that ramp is closed and, I will be for the next month also when. They can drive in both directions shut down till six am between Wayne. Avenue bridge we'll keep you posted on that one and also construction in southwest. Philadelphia this past young avenue between sixty. First and twenty-sixth that is shut down overnight In the TruMark financial twenty four. Hour traffic in remember banking is better than again I'm now to the third I'm CBS three meteorologist. Lauren Casey, overnight, mostly, clear and pleasant with a low temperature falling back into the. Upper sixties for our, Sunday mostly sunny low humidity a, beautiful and dry day with a high temperature at eighty-five, Monday of rain returns increasing clouds with a spawning, afternoon shower or, thunderstorm a high temperature of eighty four Tuesday look for a mix of. Sun and clouds afternoon showers and thunderstorms, especially west of I ninety five with a high of eighty seven Wednesday we kick, off the month of August mostly cloudy and steamy with scattered showers and thunderstorms high near ninety and on Thursday. Mostly cloudy with a, chance. Of showers and storms and a high of, eighty nine with your, eyewitness weather forecast I'm CBS three meteorologist Lauren Casey KYW NewsRadio. The jersey shore on Sunday sunny skies eighty degrees and in the Poconos seventy seven degrees under, mostly sunny skies, exercise routine at one gym in cherry hill has seen an, increase in men escaped by. Ws Kimberly Adams reports though Those men. Aren't hitting the weight room as much as they used to now they're hitting the bar the heads very hard difficult. Coordination it's completely different, level, that's to, be treated Brodsky talking about the challenges of a class called hit me at the bar at. The cherry, hill, racquet, club the class using a ballet bar is a high intensity. Interval training session inspired, by ballet Pilates and can be, a full body challenge instructor Heather overhaul have meant take, my class all the time they can't walk for, days it works, all the muscles that they don't work all the time that actually will. Help them get your stronger the class, has been around for a while in a group of ten usually five or men, no aspirations to be anything like Baryshnikov wanna be standing the next day Donald marks applauds the intensity of the. Workout and the benefits, some. Of the other classes I do are harder, on knees joints says, a classic it's still testy mentally physically Kimberly Adams KYW NewsRadio. Now it's time for the weekend business report hymns the start up in sales erectile dysfunction hair, loss and other, medication Over the internet is raised fifty million dollars in recent round of financing CEO Andrew m-. Says he'll use the money to expand into other prescription drug categories that getting clued things like sleeping diety get care prescription can care for, acne and anti aging, is known for humorous millennial focused. Ads some featuring slumping egg. Plans and others starring rap icon snoop Dogg to the place I want you ought to go to for him. Dot the wellness brand from me hymns isn't the only company in the, direct to consumer drugs, for manned business Roman focuses on e. d. keeps sales here loss products. Do them claims hymns is different because it offers a wider. Range of treatments we're very much.

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