CBS board to decide fate of CEO Moonves after harassment allegations


Could be seen NewsRadio Mark Mayfield a sixth person is data's a. Car fire continues Burlington Northern. California at the same. Time Cal fire officials say they're gaining ground on the blaze as of Sunday. Night the fire had burned over ninety five thousand acres and was seventeen percent contained. President Trump's lawyer says his client may soon reach an agreement to meet with special, counsel Robert. Muller we have negotiations going on with. Him we have an outstanding offered to. Them they haven't responded in about a week to ten. Days, I I don't hold that against. Him I think they are going on like we do on CBS is the. Nation Rudy Giuliani said a meeting could happen this week or next week says it hasn't happened yet because a special counsel been getting ready for the. Manafort trial and President Trump is slamming special, counsel Robert Muller and the Russia investigation in several tweets on Sunday Trump's slammed Muller for what he claims her conflicts of. Interest he said the head of the Russia probe had a very nasty and contentious business relationship with. Him Trump also accused him of working with only Democrats on the investigation into possible collusion in the two thousand sixteen. Election Mark, Mayfield NBC, News, Radio Anthony Scaramucci says he believes President Trump may have I've known. Of a meeting between. His campaign officials and Russia if you check sources inside the White House and. You check sources inside that campaign the level of fanaticism it is very possible on. CNN state of the union the former communications director for the president says it's possible, Trump was. Informed of the twenty sixteen meeting after. The fact the meeting was revealed to. Have happened at Trump Tower between Donald Trump junior Trump's. Son-in-law, Jared Kushner Trump's former campaign manager. Paul Manafort and a Kremlin linked lawyer in hope of getting dirt on Hillary. Clinton however on CNN's state of the union Scaramucci Mucci says it's possible Trump never knew about the meeting Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen last week claimed. That he was there when the president was, informed of Russia's offer to meet with them before it took place the board of directors for CBS is going to meet. On Monday to discuss allegations of sexual misconduct against chairman and CEO les Moonves aboard is reportedly going. To work out how it should go about investigating the harassment accusations from six women multiple reports claim some board members. Are weighing, the possibility, that, Munoz should step away from his work while the Investigation progresses and. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is resigning from the college of cardinals amid sexual abuse allegations Monica, also reports the Vatican, confirmed that pope Francis has accepted mechanics resignation and has. Ordered him to a life of prayer and, penance until the accusations can be resolved McCarrick is accused of sexually abusing a teenage altar boy forty-seven years ago while he served as a priest in New York the eighty, eight year old former. Archbishop of Washington DC is one of the Vatican's most prominent officials the cardinals says. He, has no recollection of the reported abuse and believes, he's innocent Monica Nelson NBC News Radio in over a dozen. Workers were. Treated at a Wisconsin hospital after an ammonia leak happened early Sunday morning at a bird's eye food plan about an hour south. West of Milwaukee fifteen employees were taken to the hospital while seventy five others were evaluated outside of the plant birds I. Said the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA were both notified there was no danger to the surrounding, areas are residents details, on how the..

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