Giuliani says feds have 183 recordings made by Michael Cohen


Attorney may have, an opportunity or a. Problem with his. Now not so secret recordings current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, says the. FBI seized from x. Trump attorney Michael Cohen one hundred eighty three unique conversation Giuliani on CBS has face the nation says Mr. Trump's, voices only on one, former New Jersey Governor an ex, federal prosecutor Chris Christie is not Michael Collins best interest when he, does not have. A deal yet, ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrahams says if cone can prove Donald Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians that, does potentially become significant, from ABC's this week Chuck Sivertsen ABC news just five percent containment, reported at the big wildfire burning Redding California six people killed more than five hundred structures burned fifteen people sickened in an ammonia leak at a. Bird's eye food plant in Darien southeast Wisconsin one hundred forty people. Working at the plant when the, leak occurred, ammonia using the freezing of food Richard Cantu, ABC news E., s. t..

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