Priest says he warned Vatican about Cardinal McCarrick in 2000


Bernice Corpuz reports cardinal Sean O'Malley claims he didn't know about the allegations until recent, news reports cardinal Sean O'Malley sophists received. A letter from a concern priest back in two thousand fifteen containing claims that former. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused an altar boy but O'Malley says he, didn't see it because his secretary. Never handed him the letter. He's now apologizing for how his office handled the letter and says he's prepared to modify office procedures in light of this experience his. Statement follows. A letter from pope Francis condemning clergy abuse and the effort To cover it up clergy sex abuse survivor fell savvy Yano tells WBZ TV the. Apologies are. Too little too late. I think it's a huge disappointment and I think it's a failure of leadership of his Salvino also says the pontiff's letter. Lacks an action plan Bernice Corpuz WBZ, NewsRadio ten

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