Party like it's 1994: For one preseason game, Raiders retake L.A


I feel like we were here. We were just having this conversation about the Rams ten minutes ago. We were here Saturday morning, ten AM to one PM. We add the Rams pregame show followed by the post game show. I'm the Rams took down the raiders in their home game for the raiders this weekend. It was good for the Rams that win on the road and the preseason in Los Angeles. It's funny, and the Rams have done a really good job of reintroducing themselves to the city and the best way they can do it. Well, the second best way, the best way they're gonna be able to do it is with that new stadium. Now everybody's going to be excited about that, right? But the second best way that they can do it in conjunction with the new stadium is to be good, which we expect them to be. So that's that's good news as well. And this is not a slight at the Rams in any way at all. The raiders are still argue the most popular football team in this

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