Pope vows no more cover ups on sexual abuse in letter to Catholics



Us next up Steve. Castenbaum is with us and takes, a, look at the first public response from pope Francis to the horrendous grand jury report in Pennsylvania Of sexual abuse by priests Mike this isn't the first time pope Francis has acknowledged the victims of sex abuse at the hands of priests and condemn, the church for the role it played it inflicting pain and suffering. On minors in his letter he acknowledged the suffering that children experienced the abuse of power and the abuse of conscience perpetrated by clerics. And consecrated people in Pennsylvania the pope wrote that no effort must be spared to create a culture able to prevent. Things like this from happening Francis forcefully condemned these atrocities, as he wrote and said they must join forces enough. Routing this culture of, death he said the victims. Pain and suffering never disappears Juan Carlos Cruz is a survivor of sex abuse at the hands of a priest unrelated to the report. That came. Out in Pennsylvania last week I am glad that she's coming out with this and I'm glad that he is speaking out and calling. It like it is in may he spent. A week with pope Francis I one on one and then in a group with other Survivors of sex abuse clearly things that you. Can see him this letter are things that we talked about I there's new language now. From the Vatican which is important to consider they talk. About crime they talk about a culture of death they talk about a culture. Of abuse and cover up those things were not talked about before before they were emissions sins in Pennsylvania, the state attorney general praised the pope for pointing out, that reforms meant to protect children, and hold abusers, and those who cover, up abuse accountable have been delayed Josh, Shapiro called the pope's letter powerful and said he hopes, that. Quote following. The holy father's. Words and. Teachings church leaders in Pennsylvania will cease their denials and.

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