Senate, Dory Shaima and Microsoft discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Cute let's talk about Microsoft what's the story with these Russian hackers and Microsoft's this is a. Big development overnight the software company announcing that they thwarted efforts by Russian hackers to gain access to, to conservative think tanks critical of the president and. Vitamin, Putin as well as to gain access to a number, of different Senate offices and services what this what these hackers do is they create domains that look similar to. Those groups that they're trying to hack tricking people into clicking. On the fake site Microsoft says that they were able to. Take back control of those domains before the hackers gained access but say that this is a serious security threat obviously we've been talking about Russian hacking in. What our government what the Senate and the president are doing to prevent such hacking. Ahead of, the. Two, thousand, eighteen midterms today there is a Senate hearing on the hill about. The sanctions the US is taking against Russia, for these kinds of active And I'm sure we're going to hear about this latest one I would imagine so and with no no reaction from the president. Or any government officials at this point no we've heard nothing yet from the administration though the president, has been active on Twitter this morning we've put. In, some requests to the White House into a number of, our our Senate offices this morning trying to get some

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