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Race. We also have the only recognition I ever got school. I got student of the month. What's if I used to get it like five times a year for every grade I got at once in fourth grade, and then once during fourth grade dance festivals after nine. Eleven. So our dance dance was to New York, New York? Yeah, it was awesome where we're going here. We were doing this dance at our fucking gym teacher was legitimately he choreographed the whole thing. We had these fucking plastic tubes and American top hats, and he was stumped as to what to do for this one part of the salt. And I was like, what if we just like hold onto like this and just go. And he's like, yes. Come up here, Frank in front of the whole class, and he did it, and it was like we're putting that in. Awesome. And so we put it in today's festival. It was like, we all did is Frankie Alvarez. He was the one that came up show the move in front of the whole school. Everyone's parents, the whole schools up there, doing his thing. What did they do to that? Did they clap? Yeah. Oh. Was going to have. I can't wait to have kids to just drink so much and go to. Celebrate the insignificant. They bitch, that'd be great. Kim drunk going, your kids stuff must be awesome most we also. But you got got got deeper problems. Fuck that. I think Janine tonight she got a dance. All right. Where's the whisky? Where's the whisky? Here's the thing, right? If you have a son or daughter who's into sports to is better than that. No. That's awesome. But are you going to be? Are you going to be that dad Gaels your kid? Hell no. Hated dad's like that. Which what do you mean? Because I'm gonna fucking like if my kids a fuck up. No, not knows. I would never do that. We get home though, what? Yeah, let me get home to their. Everywhere. How drug that up. Authentic, who's real Good Friday night lights, tape the ball to his hands, and she. That I would not be that parent, but what we got home Dade have it. Yeah, but you know what's better than that because I think about it like you're already like sit down and have a beer when you're watching the game. Imagine going on washing your kid play dude. I'm having a beer score scorned touchdowns in like pointing to my dad, and he would point back. We're probably some of the greatest moments of my life. Awesome. Yeah. Like Hugh gave me like, do like. Good job Selva Pro Bowl. I was like, oh my God, it's whatever wanted for so long. One year of baseball. I played with my younger brothers. That's cool. And like I would fuck in like I'd hit a home run and I'd like no one else would care. My my brother would be the first ones every fucking Joe Superdome playing sports with your like. Young friends? Like, did you guys play sports together, like saints. There's nothing better. All I feel like all friendships are built around like groups shit like ours are. I mean him. And if you guys didn't play sports together, like you guys would probably still be friends, but that's where you really fucking learn. I would say got close with like more than three quarters. Probably my my only friend that I didn't meet through sports. Yeah, unco we all were at the park and we all played basketball and whatever the baseball like random shit together reason for your friends..

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