A highlight from Judge rebukes Barr; Giuliani asks for Trump money


Now it's time for the last word with lawrence. O'donnell getting lots geneva-new racial end. Thank you justice department. I was wondering about that as we're watching us thing. Rachel and you've talked about it and all great interviews you've been doing about it. It has all been so wild and it had the feel of illegality to it. But i don't know enough about either. The federal law the arizona law to legal fingers on it. But here we are tonight with something. That's starting to sound like it makes sense from the justice department. That's right and there's there's a reason lawrence why the federal government like certifies various experts and entities who are allowed to do the kinds of work around elections. That contractors are sometimes hired to do whether it's recounts or audits or canvases forensic investigations and those sorts of things. There's a federal certification process for people to do that so that you can't just be some rando off the street who heard about it on facebook group and wandered in your given the ballots. That's essentially what they arizona. Republicans did but these are real ballots in a real federal election. There's real federal law that applies here so this is from pamela carlin. Who's essentially running the civil rights. Division until kristen clark gets confirmed there but i think we should see this. As the justice department putting these wack jobs in arizona. Forgive me on notice that what they're doing is going to be allowed to do very much longer. I think wack jobs is now in the new york. Times style sheet for describing what's happening in arizona Like no come on rachel. Hey it's after ten app you can't be held to the same know. Careful semantic standard of nine to ten. Pm let's let the record show that i never used the word whack job before we reported tonight on the fact that they were using cameras to look for bamboo in the paper because they thought something might have come from that therefore would have bamboo in it. And that's how they thought they'd find the fraud that would put donald trump back in the election. I mean that alone. I think earns the wack job moniker. Which otherwise would not use in my own. Do you are you are hereby authorized use. Whatever word you want for that absolutely thank you. Thank you rachel. Well it is never a good time to be a trump lawyer but this week is an especially bad week to be a trump lawyer former attorney. General william bar has been rebuked by federal judge for not telling the truth about how he decided but donald trump should not be charged with obstruction of justice based on the evidence in the mullahs report and runner. Guiliani is now begging donald trump for money to pay for these small army of new york. Lawyers that giuliani has hired in his own legal defense after the fbi raided his home and office last week. Seizing ten cell phones and other digital devices that contain mountains of evidence for federal investigators zeroing in on rudy giuliani. And because this giuliani world. We're talking about which has always. And i mean always been every bit as crazy as trump world. The person publicly making the case for his. Dear friend rudy giuliani. That donald trump should pay rudy giuliani's legal fees. I in making that case is a convicted felon. Theory is bernard kerik. Who used to be mayor giuliani's chauffeur he tweeted. I want to know what the gop did with the quarter of billion dollars. They collected for the election. Legal fight lawyers and law firms. That didn't do crap. Were paid lots of money. And the people that worked there a s ss off. Got nothing and the new york times reports. Mr charac has made similar complaints to some of mr trump's advisers privately according to people familiar with the conversations arguing that mr giuliani has incurred legal expenses in his efforts to help mr trump. And that mr giuliani's name was used to raise money during the election. Fight as mayor rudy. Giuliani promoted bernard. Kerik all away from chauffeur to police. Commissioner then bernard kerik committed enough federal crimes to serve three years in prison new york times reports that giuliani's advisors which of course include bernard kerik. Were quote disappointed that yuliani did not receive a federal pardon from mr trump despite facing the long running federal investigation into his ukrainian dealings a person close to mr giuliani said after months of speculation that mr trump might issue. Mr giuliani a preemptive. Pardon which guiliani said on his radio show in january that he did not need pardon. Because i don't commit crimes. okay all right. so rudy. Giuliani appoints the only new york. City police commissioner in his lifetime convicted of committing crimes. But really guiliani says. I don't commit crimes. Marcay maybe figuring out rudy. Giuliani's relationship to crime will be left to the judgment of federal prosecutors. Who will be scouring rudy giuliani's digital devices. Those prosecutors have petitioned the court to appoint a special master to sort out any material bay seized that might involve attorney client privilege a federal judge in washington. Dc ruled against trump attorney. General william bars attempt to cape a justice department memo secret. William bar insisted that the memo was protected from a freedom of information act request because it was used in his deliberations about whether donald trump would be charged with obstruction of justice because of the evidence revealed in the mullahs report. Judge amy berman. Jackson jackson said in her opinion that we embar was being disingenuous. The dictionary defines disingenuous. This way not candid or sincere typically by pretending that one knows less about something then one really does i. Of course think embar was lying. But i'm not a federal judge who has to be very very careful about accusing someone of a crime. Because of william bar was lying to

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