A highlight from RaM Ep 115 Eternal Nightmare Machine


You're your solo host your your host with the most the host with a house. That's right it might turn to podcast all along Because brandon is in the middle of moving The the perks. Here guys the things that you are you are in that you have in store for you. Is that Brandon cannot cannot just sit idly by and pretend that he doesn't exist like i did when it was my turn to not be on the podcast. He is is included some audio goodies for you Maybe maybe a little bit of transition music is. It finally happened. Has my dream come true. Do we finally have prerecorded transition music. You'll just have to wait and see you'll have you'll have to listen to find out But yes i am. travis. I'm your host. Brandon is currently moving his living in a hotel which is why his limited audio an internet capabilities Preclude him from being on the show. But we're still gonna have some fun. We're gonna talk a little rick. And morty for you And it's it's only the things i want to talk about. this is. this is fantastic. So we're going to spend twenty minutes going over my favorite part of the show. And frankly i think is everyone's favourite part of the show. We're going to talk about our social media. That's right if you want to follow us on the social internet you can do that. In a number of ways you can follow us over on twitter. Twitter dot com slash. Rick and morty pod Facebook dot com slash. Podcast were sent us an email. Rick and morty podcast at djamil dot com now a lot of emails coming in just. I'm just being honest. Well okay hold on. Let me let me crack that. There are a lot of emails coming in. They're just not from you unity. They're there lots of offers for exciting deals Lots of invitations to all sorts of different conventions and things All to people that don't have the same first or last name as as brandon or me so so yeah fill that. Fill that inbox With your emails. Tell us what you're excited about for the upcoming season. We are of course all over the web over. Rick and morty podcast. Read it dot com or rick and morty dot ready dot com the official rick and morty sub reddit You can also follow this. Show at rick. And morty pod dot com. We are streaming live. We i say we. Because i am a creature of habit but i am streaming live over at twitch dot tv apathetic enthusiasm and if you miss if you missed the livestream. If you don't wanna be part of the show that's okay. You can also catch video. Versions of our episodes over at youtube. Dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm Finally great ways to support the show directly you can go to patriot. Patriot dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm. Believe that the right one. We still haven't fixed link in our show notes but Yeah that's where you can support the show Throw a little money in the virtual tip jar if you will and yeah. And that's that's pretty much it. We're we're hanging out brandon And i'm so thankful that You have given me some transition. Music praised brandon. Wrote the outline for this episode. You guys brandon brennan's really board. That's that's all that this can mean because in episodes pass if you're a loyal listener you know this there are. There are times when brandon contributes nothing at all Until the moment we start recording But that is that is not the case he is. He has gotten into a groove. He is he is. He is prepared he. He has show notes. He's all sorts of fun little tidbits for who knows he. He could write something in the show notes while i'm doing this and And he could contribute that way but he's also in the chat. If you are in the chat right now Make sure to say hello. Let's you're here otherwise. This is going to be a spam of brandon cruz. Barnyard crews all the way down But enough rambling from me. It is time for our first and possibly best segment.

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