Atari Is Back With a New Console

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Move over playstation xbox and then to switch it's twenty twenty one and there's a new video game console coming from familiar industry name. So does everyone listening remember atari. I'm sure a lot of you do be atari. Vce s is here. It is a brand new video game console from atari. It's available to preorder now. It costs three ninety nine. It includes the console a wireless modern controller so the just like the controllers. You'd see on a playstation or xbox and it has the classic joystick that everybody probably remembers from backing the atari twenty. Six hundred days only wireless I got a chance to check it out for a bit It's really fun. It's a really interesting idea It looks a lot like the of old but it just has a lot of different wrinkles and changes to it first off. You don't have the you know the knobs and toggles to do things like tell the atari that it's a color tv or black and white tv instead. You have usb ports in the front and the back you have hd to get high def and then you also have support for ethernet and there's also the power button on the back the controller itself. The joystick Has a lot of new wrinkles to it. There's now a second button. It actually sits on the back of the controller. So you have the standard red button that you would hit on the top the circular one and there's another one on the back side Along with that the stick itself rotates which reminded me a lot of those old atari paddle controllers where it had like a dial me twist the dial to move stuff like it worked great for games like pong and breakout There's also led lights on the controller and they rumble two. So if you're playing like asteroids. I was noticing like if i was trying to rock it away from an asteroid or do something else it would rumble a little bit. So there's those touches as

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