A highlight from Episode #130: Breaking Into Esports, Riot Wiretaps, PlayStation x Discord, Resident Evil Game Pass Exclusion, Sony Cross-Play Cash Cow


Official podcast of sports. What we do here is we. Cover the most pressing gaming and sports topics news of the week. But we look at all of it. Through a business and c. Suite lens we dissect. We analyze the business implications of everything happening in this industry for a regular listeners. Thank you guys for tuning in every week. Thank you for telling your friends about the podcast. Thank you for going and buying williams book the book of sports. And if you haven't already get on amazon right now go buy it. Read it leave a review and then come back to the podcast. I give you permission. Go do this now evolved. Whatever us you know pocket casts whatever you can hit the pause button and you can go to a right now. It's worth it. Trust me and if you've already bought it guys and you've read it or even if you're halfway through it in your loving it. Go leave that review on amazon. No william really appreciates it. Hi how you doing william. How's your week going. Great busy week as always right. You know. I feel like we always. We always record this for the people that are always record on wednesday. So it's like right in the middle of the week so but it's kind of like the highlight right like it earns. What should be kind of like the. I always think of wednesday is like the check point in the week. Do you think of that like you know like bill. It's like when you get to wednesday. like it's in the old sonic games a little like like like the halfway point right but this turns that checkpoint into a real highlight so. I'm just thrilled to be recording this time with your politics last. Have you had any chance to play games. This week is the question or even arie little gaming very little. I mean you know. It's funny. Because i always fit in a little bit of here is the storm because you can play 'em ten minutes so i can sneak in sometimes if like a meeting ends earlier something that that's how i get my gaming heroes have an iran mode. Light does lead does have an era mode here from league. I i mean. I'm guessing. I mean like i think most mobiles have sort of an instant action style mode right and it's like a lower and the nice part about am modes and we should do a whole podcast on the theory of iran modes. Because it's actually a very interesting user like slick user psychological group in need state that they had but it's like part of the fun is because you get random heroes right. A lot of pressure to perform goes away. Because you can always blame your hero or your calm. So it's a really clever track. So this is why play iran because obviously i need excuses to big upper scale to be fair the i don't play mobile's right but the only league that i've played is a ram allow this the only thing i know it's the only thing i've really played and it's because i don't like all the buildup like don't give me the the twenty minutes of like having to farm creep and like sounds like you should play here as the storm. That was their game design decision. It's just straight to the team fights and then it's over but anyway are you me talking about a game that i love and can stop bringing up so leave that alone. What about you playing games this week or well. You know Actually today or yesterday a dropped a new game mode which is interesting Also saw this is not something. We're going to talk about on the podcast. But i did see that they hit epochs hit its highest concurrent players on steam. His origin doesn't publish their numbers. But steam does And it's somewhat i guess. A barometer of how well it's doing on origin. Also i'd imagine there's night correlation there and so. I thought that was interesting right. Apex in some ways had better staying power than fortnight. You could maybe look at it this way i. I don't know i'm sure. Fortnight generates more revenue still. But they seem to be going opposite directions. Which link is an interesting thing. I think you're gonna see this. This comeback of apex and interest in apex over the next few months because of this new three. You can spearhead apex l. spearhead heroes and then we'll both have a like man. If even half of that comes true. Paul twenty twenty two will be a very special party for us. Because i'm still waiting for my oxygen apex team. Invite here william. I'm still kind as the oldest apex player in history. You know we. We still need to make this happen. This is what i'm saying. Well it's not too late paul. it's not too late. You know we we know you have the skills we've seen them time and time again. Look we do have an amazing guests on the podcast waiting. I want to get to. I want to get to jimmy. Our guest today on the podcast. Is jimmy barada. Jimmy entered the sports world in two thousand seventeen.

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