A highlight from Parenthoods Erika Christensen: Au Naturel Living & Scientology


It was a you know a crazy week. Fun week last week. We saw this movie. Nobody my buddy. Bob odenkirk faced time to group. I i rented a theater. You went with me. Ryan did a rented a theater at city walk. It was like three hundred bucks three hundred fifty bucks and had like fifteen friends that role vaccinated and we went and watched this movie. Nobody which i really enjoy did you was great was fun and It's fun to be in. The field again. In was fun being within because a man and i had seen that when it came out on on demand and so you liked it enough that you wanted to see it again because it's much more fun that way because this was like. It's like john john wit. It's it's an action movie and you need to sort of the audience reactions to throat's getting ripped out or stepped on it was fun. I had a real good time Buddy harlan williams was with me and a bunch of other friends but linda from dumb and dumber. You know you check it on some grandpa's cough medicine are you there buddy But he was just commentating the whole time which is funny because every time christopher lloyd kimani go right stock you know back to the future ladakh And everybody was fun to be with a group of friends and laughing and having popcorn. And i really enjoy that. That was nice. I really wanna thank kiefer sutherland. And jason patric for last week's episode. That was it went viral. And if you haven't seen that one. I think you're gonna wanna see it They really opened up. And i've got a lot of people emailing me and texting me. Tweeting me that they really love the episode a lot and also john glover who played my father on smallville. He's you know michael his partner adam who never really complements anybody says that interview was the best interview. If you've ever done and then somebody called me and said it was the best interview coast. Friday kiefer's said it was the best interview tonight. It just means a shit ton man. I'm like really. I always feel awkward. I never watch him. I feel like oh look like a dork. And i'm mike you know. I feel like a kid asking these questions and overall but luck. It's you know. I'm really happy with the episodes and command ryan here for great editing and bryce and for producing. But thank you for. If you haven't checked out kiefer and jason patric. i think you should. Everyone was excited that you broke sort of like a thirty year. Old story really. I broke a thirty year. Old story of the divorce. The The breakup with kiefer injury roberts. And then julia roberts take off to ireland with with jason patric and they're both sitting in the same room talking about this and they're still close friends but i urge you to watch the episode. It's a it's good to see these guys together So thank you for listening. I'm also just want to say thanks to hint water. They don't they. Just give me water. They don't give me money or anything. But i'm always drinking hint water so thanks hand. Things red bull for keeping me awake. I don't drink a lot of red bobo when i do. I apparently need it at the doe. Seki slogan what is it. I don't always drink beer. But when i do prefer. I don't always drink beer. But when i do oh i didn't know that guys for for watching the watching. You're listening to the podcast again. You know it's important if you if you're here for erika christensen who i love and adore. I urge you to subscribe to the podcast and listen to other people learn something. Hopefully i learned something every episode and follow us on twitter and instagram. At at inside of you podcast on instagram and facebook. You could follow us an ad inside you pod on twitter and if you want to subscribe you can subscribe on youtube ryan You dot com slash inside of you with michael rosenbaum and if you want and you can also subscribe on apple and spotify and what else. Lot of stuff Stitcher promptly and there's a lot of places so i urge you to do that right or review. Keep the show going. Thank you Westwood one thank you Everyone who listens all my patrons. Thank you for the support in the love and if you wanna join patriot So wonderful Place to be it's You know for folks. That love the podcast. They subscribe to the patron. You get a lot of perks. there's a lot of fun stuff on there. There's there's tears. I send you merchan- Little notes for me and It's a lot of fun it's family and people come there and they thank me for. I met my closest friend. Ever now i met my boyfriend or they become. There's all these people who become these friends on this platform a patriot. So go to patron p. a. t. r. e. o. n. dot com slash inside. Meet new friends. Support the podcast. Alright a message to you right after you do it If you want any merch go to the inside of you. Online store and There's lex luther. Stuff and smallville stuff and inside you stuff and also the band throughout the band. We're going to be performing again. May twenty ninth saturday and put this in. Your calendars may twenty ninth saturday to shows two. Pm pacific standard time and six pm pacific standard time We're gonna play some covers. End some left and laurel tunes son spin tunes. My band is son spin and You can get a sense. Spin dot com book. The banned books zooms And you can get a whole bunch of cool merch. So there's there's that today's guests you like this episode. It was a good one. I like it because she so so open and free in such a wonderful woman inside and out. She talks about her pregnancy and giving birth and it was miraculous i was. I was stunned and a little shocked at times. Like i just think she's such a wonderful woman and so smart and she educated me like most people do so without further ado. Why don't we just jump into this fun episode. i hope you like it. let's get into erika christensen. 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