A highlight from The Weather Station Takes Us Inside The Songs Of 'Ignorance'

World Cafe


You just heard tried to tell you. Performed live for the world cafe by the weather station. today. I am joined by the weather. Stations tamra lindemann tamra cafe. Hello nice to nice to see you. Yeah great to have you here first of all. I'd like to clear something up because when you started the weather station yourself in two thousand six It was sort of a different thing than it is now over the years. It's kind of morphed involved. In certain ways there are eight musicians playing on your latest album. Do you consider the weather station. Of and a moniker. A solo project that becomes a band. What is it exactly. I mean it's a monitor. I heard her recent freeze. Someone came up with abandoned him. Where essentially it's a band name for a person Yeah so it's always been mine And you know. I form bands for various albums and

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