A highlight from MBA1779 How to Validate Your Next Idea


Wants and will buy your product. You are in a world of hurt because you're going to have a lot of sunk costs a lot of time and energy and money spent in creating putting this product together where the product that's physical or course or training for a piece of software. Whatever it is. You're going to work your way up to the point where you can sell it to other people then if it totally flops. There goes six months. There goes six grand for six hundred grand. It's enough to make people. Just hang them up and quit. And i'm here to stop that as an entrepreneur. One of the things you should be busy doing is dating ideas. There are so many ideas. I had to validate before i release. What has now become a success. Webinar injure my software and even with that software there are features and functionalities that. I need to validate before working on going to walk you through the process of how your next business idea product service whatever. It is and how to save yourself time money and effort in the process of finding a winner. So

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